I Still Believe

April 7, 2009 myspacefamous 0

I haven’t been blogging much lately…   But lately… I’ve been drawn towards getting these feelings out, and sharing my current state with others… I […]

Long Overdue - My First Thought

Long Overdue

March 31, 2009 myspacefamous 0

There are many elements of my life that I have often regarded as “good”. Using the generic term of “good” leads most to thing of […]


You are Awesome

December 18, 2008 myspacefamous 0

So often, I become critical of myself. I make mistakes, and I will allow things to stress me out. I feel pressured by time passing […]


How To Stop Time

September 5, 2008 myspacefamous 0

Pulling yourself out of the mundane, repetitive bullshit of the life that has become your own…  has never been something I’ve been particularly fantastic at. […]

Get Over It - Straight Between the Eyes

Get Over It

August 2, 2008 myspacefamous 0

There are 3 words that James Arthur Ray spoke at the seminar he gave last night in front of the 700 people that showed up […]