This Guy I Used To Know

This Guy I Used To Know - If I only Knew
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This guy I used to know…
he grew up an introverted only child,
with alcoholic parents and an overbearing family.
He told me that he learned to be social and friendly,
he taught himself by practicing these traits until he felt happy.

This guy spoke of how he feels outside of the constraints of society,
he says he learned that “what is popular, doesn’t satisfy me”.

He says he senses the emotions of other people; their pain, their anger, and the melancholy.
He even stated he experiences their joys and triumphs, claiming “I chose who I surround myself with selectively.”

This guy wants to change the world, and make it a better place for everyone.
With both the Love in his heart, and the scars of his pain on his mind,
cocked and ready, like a loaded double barreled shotgun…
he confided in me “I reflect what others shine… so very typical of my water sign.”

There is a void that separates him from his path of purpose,
he struggles to find that light switch in his darkness,
often fooled by so many walls and the texture of their surface.

This guy seeks not control, but a relent of compromise.
This guy may seem like he is crazy…
maybe even out of his fucking mind.
but living this way with self awareness for so long…
It can make a man wise.

This guy has closed his heart off for quite some time,
drawn by the pull of the universe,
driving him to discover his own patterns,
his own wavelength…
to explore his own rhyme.

This Guy tells me “I’m ready for the knob to turn, and to leave behind this guy you see before you now.”
With a smile, he continues…
“I’m ready to leave him behind to shed his skin yet again… and move forward in this experience.”

And then…
With a tear in his eye,
he bowed his head…
and said…

“If only I knew how.”

Thank you all for your help in finding my way. Namaste.


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