Just Once More


I would do anything
Just to have that feeling once more
The way you look at me when you are comfortable
Just Once More

Just to see that content smile in your eyes
When you allow yourself to be vulnerable
To feel how lucky I know I am
To see your trust beaming from your beautiful face

Just Once More

If only I could feel your Love
In every deep and steady breath
To know how special we are to one another
That we fill a space for each other no other can

Just Once More

I’m watching you wither and wilt
like an autumn flower
Knowing that any moment could mark our last hour
And I would give anything, everything, ever

For Just Once More

I can’t bring myself to let you go
But I struggle with your light growing dim
It rocks me to my very core
You’ve filled me heart and soul to the brim
I’ll never stop wanting that

Just Once More

Goodbye my friend.
My Love for You is Forever.
Thank You for all the precious moments we’ve shared
Some tragic; Some magnificent; But I am still unprepared…
I can’t let go of you. It’s crushing me,
knowing I’ll never again have another chance to be

Loved by You,

Just Once More

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