How Long Does It Take To Recover MySpace Content?

Many of us have held out the hope that many of “The Old MySpace” features would be eventually be incorporated into “The New MySpace”, such as custom playlists, the Bulletin Board (Facebook calls it “the profile wall”) and our beloved MySpace Blogs that we spent years sharing and creating a following with.

Some of us have even tried things like creating a petition for The New MySpace to bring back the sub-domain that was originally implemented during the transition to the setup, or creating protesting MySpace profiles.

But to no eval…

There were some rumors about MySpace bringing back the blogging feature for awhile, but that has obviously ended, as there are literally NO good reviews on the internet about the shift to the newer, more secure site design. Not a single one.

So if you are not one of those wishy-washy folks who deleted their MySpace profile years ago, started a new one, deleted the new one too, then created a half a dozen more later, and to delete those profiles too (if you could keep all the email addresses and passwords you used straight for all those profiles), then there is still a chance for you to recover a lot of the content that you spent so much time, effort and energy in creating a decade ago.

So, are you wondering, like we at did, “How do I recover my Old ‘Classic MySpace’ blogs, photos and playlists?“.

Click the link above, and follow the instructions completely.

Is it a perfect process that the new MySpace has given us to use for recovering our old content? Not by a long shot… That said, at there IS one at all. The New MySpace has nothing to gain whatsoever by providing us with our old content. There is no ad revenue gained, no marketing tricks or click-bait tactics to retrieving your old stuff. It’s simply an OVERWHELMING International demand for “Classic MySpace” content recovery that apparently is backlogged with requests for months at a time.

How long does it take for New MySpace to recover your old Classic MySpace Content for you?

That is an excellent question, actually. Some of us have reported that the content recovery process email response was received within a few weeks. Others have reported no response at all after months of waiting. We would like to hear your feedback on how long it takes after you follow these instructions to recover MySpace content from your old Classic MySpace profile.

At, we are offering old MySpace users a chance to re-post your MySpace blogs somewhere that can be shared across all the most popular Social Media platforms, in an enhance Blogging format.

It was a bit of a pain to add photos to your old MySpace blogs, to give them life. And an even deeper challenge to add videos (in the beginning) unless you knew a little bit about HTML and CSS. It’s a shame that MySpace didn’t provide an opportunity to grow with it and provide a social media vehicle with any longevity, but outlets like Facebook, Tumblr and Reddit have picked up the torch that MySpace helped paved the way for.

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