Always Leave Room For Magic


When you’re in a moment, perhaps something “emotionally built up” over time, you can try to follow the script SO closely and attempt to “maximize” your experience, but…

How do you know what else there is to be experienced? How else would we discover the unique varieties of our life experiences?

What are we missing?

How will we feel about lost opportunities as we grow older?

These “magical” happenstance style of memories usually result best from adventure.

At a music festival, totally WAY off your planned track for the night…

Because that beat just did a firm tug directly around your soul…

And you’re here.


In this moment, and in this moment only.

You’ll miss the other bands you planned to see that night… But you’d be leaving an inspired moment. A moment that spoke to you in ways you’ve rarely ever had the opportunity to feel something from.

You know this is the right place to be, all the way in your toes.

You’re swept up in a magical moment like Tom Morello doing the last few songs as a guest guitarist with Tool and you miss at least 2 other shows you said you were going to go see, you’ve lost your friends now, sensory overload is hittin’ HARD with right where you are already.


Enjoy this. Enjoy this feeling.

Be part of this historic moment in time. Make it part of you to remember. Fearlessly Transcend. Allow yourself to feel all of what Joy really means to the health of the human mind.

The same is true for a simple night out downtown. Solo or otherwise.

Don’t sell the night short, if its offering you something worth smiling to yourself about.

The girl at the bar, noticing me notice her noticing me, communicating with her body language and eyes.

Just hold on a moment. See where it starts to go.

While on a road trip… Don’t plan on driving straight through. It rarely ever happens, anyway. Take a little time to make a stop you’ve never made in a place you’ve never seen or heard of before.

There is so much in our daily lives that flood us with stress from a sense of urgency.

Just, for a moment… breath.


Turn off every screen in the room. Rest your eyes. Rest your mind. Rest your “being” by acknowledging it is much needed.

No matter how crazy or stressed out our lives may become, I’ve learned that if you keep an open mind, an open heart and an open schedule… some of the most incredible memories and life experiences come.

Always leave room for magic to happen…

or even better…

Always leave enough room to create your own.

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