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March 14, 1997 kidzRaMess 0

Alone I’m better off that way Anyone I’ve ever let get close has hurt me And I feel this sick urge to get them back […]

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Reality Sucks

February 22, 1997 kidzRaMess 0

 REALITY; DOESN’T IT SUCK?         Jenny broke up with me because of me and Stephanie fighting.  That’s why I was attracted to her.  She’s just […]

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February 22, 1997 kidzRaMess 0

Smoke Through the blaring screams of the stereo and the intoxicating haze that hung at eye level, sat a man less than he once was.  […]

Lithium; I Killed You, I'm Not Gunna Crack


August 23, 1996 kidzRaMess 0

The atomic structure for the chemical composition of Lithium pales in comparison to the complexity of human mind. Today is yet another lonely day for […]

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May 15, 1995 kidzRaMess 0

Mothers Day, is time for the children to give something back to their parents for being so loving.    Happy Mothers day Mom, I  love […]