What it Means to Bounce

What It Means To Bounce - Going To Be OK

This is absolutely awesome.

Once in a while you get shone the light in the strangest of places if we look at it right.” – Jerry Garcia

I hear so much negativity about Social Media…  people complaining about this and that…

Well have I got a story for you.

—————– Original Message —————–
From: Andrea
Date: Sep 11, 2008 9:04 PM

not sure what’s going on.. but I guess I’ll give this advice anyway..

keep going.. keep studying.. whether you “want” to learn it or not.. (and honestly some things we’re forced to learn like.. oh.. general chemistry or physics ARE worthless IMHO) you will use it at some point… even if it’s to help your kid 10 years from now not blow his or her eyebrows off…

some subjects are REALLY hard.. just keep going.. keep studying.. it’ll all pay off.. it’ll all be worth it..

from one student to another… I just keep telling myself all of this..

and if you need help.. well, depending on the subject.. just let me know… I’ll do the best I can to help you…
my subject range is from English, Humanities, etc to Sciences… Math I can do some.. but not much good in history or some of the more “physical” sciences (physics, gen chem).

Good luck!


———-   My Reply ———-

Aww… thank you SO much, you are truly wonderful!

I’m not sure if it’s my academic ego or my resistance to being a drain on others…  yet I don’t know that ANYONE could help with the type of assignments, just being designed the way they are….

but it’s not only school that is challenging me in life right now.

I had one of the hardest days I’ve lived in a long time today…  I have 2 broken down cars that have me stressed out and bumming rides, riding buses and bicycles… my life is utter chaos.  What makes the issue so stressful is that I use my cars to MAKE my MONEY… the whole reason I have 2 is so that I’ll always have one going… but that has not been the case.

I’ve been trying to fix the easier car problem for over a week now, but I keep running out of time to work on it, and lack the tools, having to buy them, as well as rent a car to work in to ensure I keep my job during this rough time, and to keep my income stream flowing.

I had stayed up all the night before till about 6am (Thursday), working on my paper for my Business Management course, slept till around 9am, woke up and finished the paper by 2:15pm, went to the auto parts store for the tool I needed to try to fix my car by Friday in order to avoid spending my very last dime on renting a car for one more day so that I could make it to work… and they sold me the wrong tool.

I had to be IN class 17 miles away by 6pm.

I got a shower after getting all greasy trying to FORCE it to work… even though I needed more tools, and found out that the bus I had planned to take actually takes off 30 city blocks from where I thought it did…

So I hauled ass on my now 12 year old BMX bike that my Dad bought me when I was 16 to the correct bus station, and caught the very last bus going the direction of my school. (Our buses here have racks for your bikes now, it’s pretty much awesome.)

I had my laptop bag along with all my school supplies with me, I was stoked that I was going to still make it to class at all, let alone only 10 minutes late!

I got my assignment done, and made it to school.

Mission Accomplished.


during all this chaos, my wallet had vanished from my pockets from the vigorous bike riding no doubt… or perhaps it fell out of my pocket on the bus??  I don’t know.  But every penny I was going to use to buy the tools, and possibly rent a car with… was also.. in the wallet.  My ID, everything…  lost.


I lost my bank card a few weeks ago, weird because I don’t typically lose such important items… but I’ve done it three times in 5 months, counting the cell phone fiasco of May.

Since my NEW bank card came in the mail…

and my direct deposit just hit my account 3 hours ago…

and I have a photo ID with my Passport… and my Drivers License Number memorized…

I’m actually going to be ok.

I even had the opportunity to see some of the best people I know tonight, I got a ride for me and my bike because someone asked me for a computer part that has been taking up space in my SEVERELY cluttered apartment… and in turn they gave me a ride home.

I’m actually feeling rather blessed right now

that I have eyes to see the possibility even in the times where I want to buckle and give in to failure…

I even went on an extended bike ride after I got home because In the middle of the crazy shit, I realized how much I miss riding.

I bounce pretty well.

Thanks for your support,  it really does mean a lot to me.



I’ve been wanting to write a blog on my “Bounce” philosophy for some time now.

There’s no time like the present.

This… to me… is…

What it Means to Bounce

I can only hope that you had at least a LITTLE better day than mine.


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