How To Recover Your Original Blogs & Other Content


A few years ago, got a major face lift and a complete redesign of it’s feature set and functionality. One of the most popular features in the 2000’s as the MySpace Blog. The MySpace Blogging feature was scraped, along with a few other features like the Games and “Posts”. This left most of the MySpace users to migrate to Facebook in order to enjoy and participate in the same or similar activities they once did on the “Old MySpace”.

While Facebook does have a feature known as “Notes”, which is very similar to the old Blogging features found on the former MySpace, it does not make up the majority of user-supplied content like MySpace blogs once did. The Facebook Notes feature set is extremely limited in comparison to the original MySpace Blogging platform and leaves much to be desired for those of us who desire to express ourselves through creative writing activities.

All the MySpace users’ blogs were not simply deleted, like many people have report through various channels on the internet. The “Classic MySpace Blogs” are available for you to download in a raw HTML format. It is also possible to recover other old content from Classic MySpace, such as playlists, Videos, all of your old MySpace Photos, and more.

You will need to log in with your Original MySpace credentials (email address and password) to recover your old content. If you have forgotten your password, you can simply request that it be reset so that you are able to access your Classic content from the New MySpace interface. Unfortunately, if you no longer have your email address that you opened your original MySpace account with, you are stuck, with your content lost forever.

While the recovery of the original content is rather obvious and straight-forward, the recovery of your Classic MySpace Blogs is not. Once you have logged into your account and have gone through the setup options of your New account, you will need to visit the Settings link, which is a ‘gear’ icon, next to your name in the bottom left corner, and locate the correct option to recover your old MySpace content, or you can click here to show what is available to import from your Classic MySpace account.

You can read the FAQ page regarding the recovery of your Classic MySpace Blogs from the ‘Help’ Sections, or by clicking here for the details of how recovering your decade worth of MySpace Blogs in a raw HTML format via a .zip file that you will have emailed to you.

It is great that the New MySpace has provided a means to recover the old content of its former platform, however the comments from all photos and blogs are not included in the MySpace content recovery process. Also, the blogs themselves are in an HTML table format that is not easily imported to another website without a tedious process of opening each file, and performing a copy/paste operation for each of the blogs into a new website where they can be viewed by the public, or members of the website where you are migrating the blog content to. was created to serve the creative writers of the globe, by providing a web space that allows for as much or as little publicity as the author and artist desires. At, we encourage those who were adamant about creative writing being shared with the rest of the world, in a rich media format that can include images, internet website hyperlinks, audio and video files to compliment the content which is shared.

Is the New MySpace not responding your your emails? Is MySpace taking a long time to response to your request for your Classic MySpace Content? Click here to learn more about your experience to recover MySpace content.

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