How To Stop Time


Pulling yourself out of the mundane, repetitive bullshit of the life that has become your own…  has never been something I’ve been particularly fantastic at.

But I’m getting better at it.

I will ALWAYS be getting better at it.

That’s a part of me I consider highly virtuous and find inner strength from that leads to the confidence face Keep Moving Forward.

With that being said…  even the Hubble Telescope and the Mars probe landing took awhile to reach their destination…

but once they did…


The knowledge we learned….  The profound amount of understanding we realized we lacked…  it’s all so beautiful and wondrous…

at least to those who have eyes to see it.

It’s these events and accomplishments that make my life so grand and give me an overwhelming “blessed” sensation that pours from my body, makes the hairs on my arms stand straight up, and warms even the coldest, darkest parts of my soul.

But to get there…  sometimes…

it takes time.

Over the course of the last few years, I’ve had some MASSIVE changes in my life take place.  After my last relationship, I realized there are things about me and my perception that need much work… much enlightenment…  and much love and consideration…

And Much to be Healed.

No one really knows what really goes on in my little sub-universe that swirls in my brain, the pain, the anger, the sorrow, the pride, the angst, the guilt, the fear, the passion, the desire, the motivation….

The Love.

All these emotions, these waves of thought and energy… they all have their own signature, a pattern to them…  just like the Ocean waves, just like the texture of the sand on the beach as the winds blows across the surface, like a snowflake, like the clouds…  so many patterns, yet, they have their unique attributes that which make them whole.

In my deep and most profound thoughts, I’ve come to my own conclusion that this universe is comprised of many frequencies, working in synergy to comprise all that we see, touch, hear, smell, taste, and also…


Although I believe this to be true, there are some difficulties to honing such knowledge for a greater good…

You see…   Frequency is believed by modern science… to be a function of TIME.

1 / t = f

1 / seconds = Hertz (Hz)


what if you stopped time?  what if…. time equals ZERO?

try it on your calculator,  and you’ll get an error.

any number divided by zero is NOT equal to zero,

It’s equal to infinity.

Infinity….  what is that anyway?  just some word someone made up to describe the indescribable?


pretty much.

When you think of it in relative terms though…  it’s beyond our narrow scope of conception.

Consider that a housefly lives roughly 2 weeks.  When we try to swat a fly, we can try to smack that fly in under a second with cat-like reflexes, but consider that humans live to roughly 80 years.. there are over 4,164 weeks in an 8 year span, (counting leap days), so to a fly, it’s theorized that the world is passing by 2,082 times faster. When I dodge an accident on the road, I only have a few seconds at the very MOST to react to the situation…  a few seconds to a fly is 6,246 in theoretical perception.  So…  what happens if I wait 6,246 seconds to react to the light turning red up ahead?

Bad things.

To a fly, 80 years must seem like infinity…

to humans…  its the norm.

infinity is defined on as: infinite space, time, or quantity.

It literally means, “more than a lot.”

to me… it has always meant “everything”.

Everything thing in my little universe, is my perception of “infinity”.

I’ve stopped time, to take a look at just what “everything” is to me.

And I’ve gained much from doing so…

So now, I’m in the middle of my self-inventory, and I’m sorting it all out based on what I need most right now, and what I need to get rid of… and taking note of those things that I plan on using in the future.

I’m not saying I have it all figured out,

I’m not saying I will be successful,

I’m not saying that I have special powers…

I’m saying that I am going things for myself, with the EXPECTATION of getting better at being myspaceFamous @ FictionOrPity.

As rough as things have been lately, there are monumental breakthroughs with my life that I’ve achieved and am working towards in this very moment.

I am alive, and I am making progress…

I’ve been seemingly dead inside for so long, I forget how to express my joy, my ambition, my passions…. my love.

I can’t hold off time forever though,

So look out,

I’m back in the mix with a whole new momentum.



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