Long Overdue - My First Thought

Long Overdue

March 31, 2009 myspacefamous 0

There are many elements of my life that I have often regarded as “good”. Using the generic term of “good” leads most to thing of […]


How To Stop Time

September 5, 2008 myspacefamous 0

Pulling yourself out of the mundane, repetitive bullshit of the life that has become your own…  has never been something I’ve been particularly fantastic at. […]


On Fire

May 15, 2007 myspacefamous 0

So I was driving around the shoreline the day before I left for CANCUN MEXICO, and I was feelin’ REAL lucky…   Lucky that I […]

No Image

What if…

April 19, 2007 myspacefamous 0

So what if I started hosting parties that actually made an impact on the world, instead of an impact on your sobriety? What if… what […]


Live Your Dreams

March 19, 2007 myspacefamous 0

I have always had a strong work ethic and have been full of zeal when earning my paycheck, typically surpassing all others in both enthusiasm […]