The Best Year Of Your Life

Strange how coming back to a familiar place can be so…




I’ve changed so much since last year around this time…  my thoughts are swirling with the triumphs and defeats of a past life that I feel so detached from in my present state.  The feelings that I generated about certain events, or the motivations I had to accomplish certain tasks…  it all seems so different now.  I can retroactively apply that which I know now to my past and it debunks much of the mystery…  much of the wonder of how things came to be the way they are.

In learning this, I realize that I have graduated to the next level of life, and what it is that drives me and makes me want to wake up everyday and do it some more.  I’ve found myself on the Proverbial “Hamster Wheel” lately, working all the hours that I can get, and running errands, trying to take care of my physical self, and while meeting new people and making friends both new and old.  I am now in a place that I seek to learn and grow beyond where I am today…

5 years ago, I would have never thought that I could have reached this plateau that I am now experiencing… and that makes me smile a little smile.  I am not depressed, nor angry, nor confused nor bored…  


I am challenged.

Challenged by the lack of challenges in comparison to what I am accustomed to handling.

My life is by no means easy, I wouldn’t want it that way, really…  but therein lies the challenge: How to function to the best of my ability after I’ve become well practiced at that which used to be difficult?… 

I believe I already know the answer this time…  

I’ve grown good at being in the place I’m in, so why not get BETTER at all that I already do?  How can I be a better Justin with that which I already have to work with?  And in what direction would I like to go with the parts that I want to improve upon, yet I’m merely satisfied with in my current state?

More free time.  More Money.  More Travel.

More creativity.  More ART.  More Passion.

More Hope.  More Comfort.  More LOVE.

This is what I want, and when I get there, I’ll need to find the next goal to achieve.  If you focus on that which is already good, and that which can be so much better, with the mentality that “It DOES get better than this!” and not “All good things must come to an end” or “What goes up must come down” then you can soar to heights that you can’t even imagine.

Coming to the “Midwest” for Christmas every year gives me a great opportunity to establish a personal reference point.  I drive up from “The Dirty South” usually, and it forces me to spend time with myself, thinking about all that I have done and need to do since the last trip… it makes me remember events and people that I value, and it invokes feelings that are associated with each respectively. 

Sometimes, those feelings are bad… and I have dwelled upon them deeply in the past. 

Sometimes, those feelings are good, and it makes me want to recreate that which made them good. 

I feel like I am understanding how to react in my everyday life to that which I experience… yet I have much to learn about creating these feelings from scratch by putting myself in the right places to experience them!

That is why I believe that 2008, will be even better than 2007 ever could have been.

I’ve experienced the BEST year of my life in 2007, I got to see beautiful places, meet beautiful people, and do things that I never thought possible for myself.  I’ve finally lifted my own personal “I can’t”, “I will soon”, and “that’ll never be me” mentality about life and I just DID IT.




All you have to do, is believe it, and do that which puts you in alignment with your desires…

It’s nothing short of incredible,

just like you.


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