On Fire

So I was driving around the shoreline the day before I left for CANCUN MEXICO, and I was feelin’ REAL lucky…


Lucky that I got the BEST pizza man job I’ve ever had back,

Lucky that I had my pre-paid legal membership to take care of my driving record and legal issues so that I COULD have the BEST pizza job I’ve ever had again hahaha

Lucky that I still have my AWESOME car and it’s running GREAT

Lucky that I work on THE SHORE now at Two different jobs!

Lucky that I have my health

Lucky that I have my motivation, ambition, and DRIVE

Lucky to just be…


and I was REALLY looking forward to Mexico….

I’d never been out of the country before…

The only real bummer about the day was that I had to work all week to scrape up the money to go on the trip and had no time to pack…

that and the Wild Fires in a neighboring state had caused a DENSE smokey haze all across our region…

it was so bad that day that I hit my first animal while driving…

oddly enough, it was a Pelican.

I felt awful…  but …  I mean… who DOES that?   

who runs into a Pelican???!!!

it was flying over the a bridge as I was taking a delivery towards the shoreline, and was struggling to stay in the air with the strong draft that was passing by just as I was at the peak of the bridge…

I had slowed down at least  10 miles an hour, but with traffic moving, and no where else to turn…  the poor bird just lingered in front of me as I quickly approached, only to flatten out against my windshield!!!

While I was in Mexico, I saw the CNN news report of birds becoming disoriented from the smoke and flying into things…

at any rate, I did my best not to focus on the bad things that were happening, even though they were there… they ALWAYS exist, but they are only as bad as you let them be.

I was still convinced that I was a lucky guy, even though I had some…  strange… things happen to me that day.

I had purchased a lottery ticket that I was scratching off slowly, I like to savor them, and I also like to buy the $5 and $20 kinds due to the odds of winning being nearly 2 times better than a $1 or $2 type.

I had scratched most of it off, but forgotten about finishing it off during my busy morning at work.  I tossed it in the floor of my room as I was packing later that evening with the intentions that I was going to finish it off…

due to the circumstances of my departure…


which I’ll tell you about some other time…

I completely forgot to finish it off.

I recalled that I had the few numbers waiting for me as I was returning from my life-changing Mexico experience (IT WAS AMAZING!!!!)  and after my CRAZY day returning to US Soil, I woke up after some MUCH needed sleep this morning, and scratched off the remaining 40% of the ticket.

And as it turns out…

it’s a $50 winner!!!!!



$50 is equal to the most I’ve ever won on a Lottery ticket.

My dad used to buy them for me when I was a little boy, he and my other family members would send them to me in the mail with birthday cards when he couldn’t make it to Indiana and Tennessee for the weekends of my birthday.

Now as I look back, I love the idea that they sent me wishes and hopes at the chances of prosperity and abundance.

It’s funny how differently you see things when you look at them from another angle.

I literally fell backwards out of my chair when I was 8 years old and won $50 for the first time in my life from a lottery ticket!

I am SO broke from spending every dime I had my last day in Playa del Carmen, and from the LOOOOONG adventure to get home, and get my luggage and my car back to the house…

yet I maintained faith that I would figure out a way, that my people would have my back and that all would be right in the universe.

Money comes easily and abundantly.

I believe it to be true.

and, now that I have that genuine outlook, that feeling of security and faith in the universe…

It’s changed the way I live.

Maybe one day, I’ll not get as excited over things going so well for me, I won’t get so jittery and exuberant about living a charmed life…

Just like today, when I won the $50 on a lottery ticket in a time where I need it BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.  I still didn’t get as excited as I did when is 8 years old and won the same amount…. and back then I didn’t even NEED it!

But for now…

I’m enjoying it, haha, excitement and all.

I’m riding the train and I’m keeping it on it’s tracks…

I’m On FIRE, baby!


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