What if…

So what if I started hosting parties that actually made an impact on the world, instead of an impact on your sobriety?

What if…

what if I hosted a party that educated it’s patrons on real world issues like the humanitarian crisis of Uganda and the atrocities of South Africa?

What if I showed movies and gave presentations and held an open format for alternative fuels and natural energy, and the means to bring modern day conveniences to be powered by little known methods that are much more “Earth friendly” than the mainstream?

What if I held a party that could change any “negative perceptions”, and change your life… showing movies like “The Secret“, “Peaceful Warrior“, “Scent of a Woman“, “The Pursuit of Happyness” and other inspirational stories of NON-DENOMINATIONAL “mysticism and spirituality”?  such as Transcendental Meditation, Tao-ism principles, Kabbalism, and general motivational and “positive thinking”?

What if I used my popularity and my resources… for positive changes in the world, to GIVE something to those who are in need of what I have plenty of to give?

What if…

Would you still come?

Would you still be my friend?

What if we could all make a difference in each others lives, and the lives of those that need what we have plenty of to give?

You can’t take it with you… and there are plenty of places to spread happiness and joy in the world…

in YOUR everyday life.

Get this:

The other day, I’m JAMMIN’ out to some Audioslave, cruising down 34th Street in my beat up VW Beetle….

This is nothing new, I’ve done it COUNTLESS times before, but it was a PERFECT day, I had my windows down and my sun-roof open, I was feeling GOOD about life.  Even if I was on my way to get a new bulb for my brake light, while on the clock, delivering pizza.

Instead of being pissed off, and BLARING my tunes because I was having a shitty day, because I had to work on a BEAUTIFUL day, because I had a brake light out, because a scrubby homeless bum was walking down the street, because I got stuck at a red light…

I chose a different path.

I made the CHOICE to change that old thinking that has gotten me NOWHERE for the YEARS I squandered life away on it.

I was HAPPY.

I was HAPPY because I have an AWESOME job that LETS me be OUTSIDE during such a GORGEOUS day.

I was THRILLED that I hadn’t gotten a ticket for having a tail light out.

I was GRATEFUL for the gentleman that let me know about my tail light being out, and was a complete nice guy about it while we were sitting at a red light side by side.

I was STOKED that my cars speakers have almost come BACK to life, sounding GREAT after sounding a little rough due to the PUNISHMENT they have been taking over the past 2 1/2 years, haha.

SO good, in fact, that coming up to the red light just in front of Advanced Auto Parts on 34th Street, where I was going for a new tail light bulb, a scrubby homeless guy, BUSTS OUT with a series OF DANCE MOVES!  Jamming out, listening to my Car Stereo!

I looked right at him, and I just SMILED ear to ear, and we had a little moment…

This guy…  who had nothing more than the clothes on his back and whatever he could carry in his pockets…

he had something to give ME.

He gave me a smile… and not just one, but EVERY time I think about what happened that day, I STILL smile.

a backward two-step cross legged move, FULL SPIN, into an arm reach and straight leg stretch! hahaha

RIGHT in the middle of traffic on the Street



I’m STILL smiling.

This world has given me so much to be grateful for…

I just want to give a little back…

What if I started using my Talents and blessings…

and made a lasting impact on the world.

What if…


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