The Lottery Ticket

I went to the corner store this morning…



I had won on a lottery ticket that I’d forgotten to finish scratching off just before I’d left to Mexico.


Fifty U.S. Dollars.


At a time when I REALLY need it, too. I was BROKE after Mexico… It’s like The Universe is watching out for me…


I don’t buy them very often, but every now and again…  I’ll have a little cash on me that I really wouldn’t miss much.  I’d surely end up blowing it on a can of Red Bull, or some kind of change machine to buy something small, with most of the change ended up stored in my current “SOBE” Change Bottle, or the cup holders in the VDub anyway.


My luck had always been pretty good with gambling, overall. 




It is all a matter of opinion.


My Family use to give lottery tickets as gifts, sometimes even for no reason at all.  I used to be such a little shit…  I’d always want to win and keep it all for myself.


I remember this VERY clearly.


Dad would work a deal out with me though, it was something like:


“If you win more than $100, I’ll split it with you.”


Dad is actually a very smart guy, I’ll not forget that.  This worked out great for the both of us… most lottery tickets aren’t going to win more than $100… particularly in the 80’s where $100 meant gas money for a MONTH, rather than gas for a FEW DAYS.


I remember the hope and desire I’d put into the scratching-off of the numbers on a “Midwest” Lottery ticket;  The shaving of the wax-like material collecting beneath my fingernails as the stain on my small thumb and index fingers grew at the rate congruent of me gradually eliminating the obstacles of learning of the exact amount of my potential winnings.


I went to the counter with two things in hand.


A “Mega Energy” “Energy Supplement” Can, Lime Mojito Flavored, from the same makers of the delicious FUZE beverages,


and the winning lottery ticket.


I got one more ticket just like the one I’d won the $50 dollars from earlier that morning, and the canned beverage.


42 bucks and some change for the tolls…


And another opportunity for hope.




I am BEAT after the day I’ve had yesterday, but I’m in full throttle mode still, anxious to get back to working the long hard hours and digging my way out of the place I’m in financially.



I’ve already gotten the option to work a few hours at work tonight, and I’ve gotten invited out to a “singles” event later this evening out in Tampa that sounds rather interesting…  I already know one of the girls that are going also, and…




I like her style.




I’m quite patient in “dating” however…  I’m not really too worried about it.



I have no doubts that’ll all come my way soon enough.




As I sit here, again, mostly done with the lottery ticket I got from the winnings of the LAST one I bought, haha, it’s already an $8 winner!  Haha, so I’m $3 ahead already… but usually, it’s an even number, like $10-$20, or what ever the denominations of winning a single “time” are.




I’ve got a few times left to win some more.




Wish me luck!


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