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Watch Me - New Dreams, New Passions

So I’m back from my “Social Media Vacation” as it has now become known as…

 Yet I’m still discontent with where I’m at in my life.

The court date I’d been waiting for in the “Midwest” in “The Idles of March” has now been rescheduled AGAIN, due to the fact that my attorney and the opposing party’s attorney have a conflict of interest in my particular case.  From what I can understand, they both work for the Neighboring City of Fairfield on a team of prosecutors.  What I find strange, is that it’s been WELL over a year now that my Civil Suit against me has been filed… and both parties knew about this issue long ago, but its just now coming to light.

I was heartbroken over the change in my trial date… I’m running out of my seemingly infinite patience on this…  I’m a financial NIGHTMARE right now, and I wanted to be in such a state in the event that everything falls apart… so that I could just simply START OVER.

Although, things seem to happen in such a way that they work out for the best.  There is something that I’ve learned in my almost 27 years of life… that just now started to sink in for me.

The universe unfolds as it should.

Karma will be my judge; it’s up to me to make the best with what I have.

Waiting around to make a major Life Move…

has NOT been a very good idea…

and I am now feeling its effect.

I will be the first to admit the plethora of bad decisions that I’ve made with the entire issue of my house and the pending law suit… but no one gives out instruction manuals for life.  I have most certainly learned lifetimes of knowledge from my follies in the past and the present as well…

So, I’ve decided to stop putting life on hold.  I want a new job.  I want to get back into school.

I want new dreams;

I want new passions;

I want to look ahead with my chin up;

To put in simply,

I want my life back.

I’ve accomplished a fair amount of what I wanted to do in my time off MySpace, but not nearly as much as I will in the up and coming months.

I’ve been dating a little, and have been moving the mental mountains that block my path so to speak…  I’ve put a lot of things behind me… a lot of animosity, a lot of fears, a lot of doubts…

It’s time.

It’s time to be true to myself and what I want.

I’m tired of worrying about other people and their ability to handle the truth.  I’ve taken my licks from the honesty of others, and let me be the first to tell you…

The truth can hurt.

But it ALWAYS sets you free.

I don’t plan on getting back on this site everyday as I have in the past…  but I’ll still do my thing, I’ll still make new and incredible friends and meet exciting and fascinating people.  I’m still going to keep writing, perhaps like never before.  I’m still going to be myself…  but there is something I lost along the way.

My piece of mind.

Ladies and Gentlemen, and mostly ladies, haha…

I’ve got my own thing now.

A whole new approach to life and everything I’m going to get out of it.

With plans of going to Bonnaroo this year with my boy Josh, and the 80,000+ others that are coming out this year, and ambitions to FINALLY start working on something far more meaningful and fulfilling than the jobs I’ve had up to this point.

I made it out to the Dali Museum FINALLY after over 7 years of living here.  It was an experience that I’ll never forget… and one that I’ll soon have again.  I just stopped one day and said, “I’m just going to do this, today is the day.”  I drove around looking for an adventure and I found it.  The creativity level has risen in my Being…  it’s up to me to express it accordingly.

I solidified new friendships, and have become reacquainted with old ones, I’ve been true to myself and offered the best advice that I can to those who seek it, or need it.  I’ve also learned how to open my mind, even though I am always “waiting to retort”.  I’ve begun to realize why we have 2 ears and only one mouth.  I’m thankful for everyone who shows love and consideration towards me.  I am truly blessed in my darkest hours.

To those that are truly with me, and honestly enjoy my essence and presence, for those that have my back and will support me through this hard life transition…

I missed you

And I love you all

I’ll rise above these obstacles and make a life worthy or my talents.

I want this more than I could ever express into words.

I’m going to chase these new dreams, and end up with a Trademark ear to ear cheesy-ass grin upon my face.

Watch me.

As usual… I’m posting my “about me section” into blog.  The MySpace Challenge is over.

About me:

With the new year underway, I’ve made many personal leaps and bounds in my personal life, meeting and exceeding my own goals, desires, and expectations…

2007 is truly MY year.

The most exciting part is…

I’m JUST getting STARTED.

Watch Me.

I’ve decided to do something positive for myself that would allow for VAST amounts of more spare time…

I call it:

The MySpace Challenge

It’s a Blog worth reading if you would sincerely like to know what I’m all about at this very instant in time.

I’ll be using my spot on “The Blue Doodle” to do my “blogging”, so if you want to read my ramblings, you can check me out on there, there are many other talented writers that can be found at the site as well, you should check them out! (now defunct, hence why I’m posting here at instead these days…)

Those who would like to contact me can attempt to write me and email, I’ve left means to contact me there, I hope to hear from you and…

as always…

Have the BEST day of your life.



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