The Best of Luck

The Best Of Luck - Law Of Attraction
I have had the most incredible luck this week…

I broke a 4 game losing streak in my fantasy football league and stomped my opponent this week to put me back in the money hunt!

The Best of Luck - Law of Attraction - Buc vs Eagles 2006I got to see a 62 Yard Game winning field goal at RayJay this past Sunday when the Bucs beat the Eagles and SHUT UP ALL THE OBNOXIOUS AWAY FANS THAT CAME DOWN FOR THE GAME! Ronde Barber has The Best of Luck - Law of Attraction - Ronde Barber sack attack Eagles vs Bucs 2006got Donovan McNabb‘s NUMBER I tell you HaHaHa, My Uncle is the man, he’s got a connection with season tickets in the Club Section directly across the field from the Pirate Ship, and he’s taking me to see again to seem them take revenge on the Saints later this year too!


The Best of Luck - Law of Attraction - VW manual transmission repairedI broke a locator fork INSIDE my transmission coming home from a night of hanging at the beach…  apparently I’m the first person to ever do that in the Southern United States, because they had never had anyone EVER order THAT part before….  but my Mechanic is SO GOOD, he cracked it open and replaced the part for about 1/4 of what I would have ended up paying a transmission shop!  I had to cash in a savings bond that my grandma got for me back in 1990 to pay for most of it, I’m SO lucky to have a grandma that would do that for me…


I lost my raggedy ass cell phone in a drunken stoop-er (haha again…) at the Sebastian Bach / Papa Roach / Guns ‘N’ Roses show at the Ice Palace last night, what an INCREDIBLE show, Axl Rose didn’t even come out until almost midnight and they played for about 3 hours, it was AWESOME, we got FREE TICKETS and into the VIP SUITS through my roommate, and even got to bring a very special friend along for the show too!

The Best Of Luck - Sebastian Bach - Law of Attraction          The Best Of Luck - Law of Attraction - Papa Roach concert          The Best of Luck - Law of Attraction - Axl Rose Guns N Roses Convert

I have the BEST job in the world right now, even if it is only temporary…

I have the greatest cats on earth…

I’ve found out who my REAL friends are… and what I mean to them this week…

I went to a nude photo shoot haha – good times

I became a writer for an online magazine called “The Blue Doodle

I became an “IBO” for a new business venture that I’m VERY excited about…

man, It just doesn’t get much better of a week than this…

or does it?


I’ve got 2 parties for Halloween I’m supposed to hit Tomorrow Night


I love my life…

this week I’m finally having:

The Best Of Luck.

My eyes are looking right at what I want

only THIS time, I know how to get it.

The Law of Attraction is something I’ve never understood, but now see the means to an end of all my suffering. The best part is,

I’m just getting started.


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