Until She Arrives


I have a thing for women…

certain women

women that possess certain qualities.

I like blondes.

Blondes with big boobs

-Two Thumbs Up and a Smile-

and I like shorties.

5′ 6″-ish or less

I like intelligence.

Intelligence is good.

I like dark skin…  

darker in contrast to my own tanned pigment

yet light enough so that I’m able to easily see her unique markings which accent her beauty.

I like eyes.

Sexy eyes


I like full lips…

and kissing skills.

LOTS of kissing skills.


I like Flexibility,

cuz you’re FOR SURE going to need it later on in the relationship.

Believe that.

Thats probably where my affliction for Yoga Instructors comes from….

Yogi’s are HOT!

I like a soft voice…

steady and firm tone, but not to dark, or to light.

I want to hear every word she says

when she whispers into my ear,

when she tells me everything she wants…

I like a girl with a fit build,

one that matches my own

and compliments me…

“fits” me…

like a lock and key.

I want a girl that appreciates a slow hand,

and realizes that patience is a virtue,

And that I’m worth every second of the wait.

I want a girl that can touch me in places only she knows about

even when shes not in the room.

I like a girl that can take care of herself,

A girl that doesn’t compromise herself in the face of adversity…

I want a girl that can open her own door

and lets me do it for her anyway.

I want a girl to recognize just how wonderful Trigger and Slinky truly are,

and realize what they mean to me.

After all…

They keep her place next to me in my bed warm…

Until She Arrives.  


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