I’m in a much different mood than the last entry… I sound all angry & junk… I don’t mean to, but for some reason.. I get to typing & that’s just what comes out. I have experienced a few positive things in light of the negative shit that I deal with on a daily basis…

I’ve kind of become trained to just assume that nothing will work out perfectly. How many times have you tried to plan something close together with something else on your schedule & just not been able to make it happen because of things that pop up that you have ZERO control over? I live by the moment, & die by it as well…

Something cool happened in light of the whole “phone-got-crushed-while-moving” fiasco…

I got a new phone, a new… camera… phone…Time For Staying Cool - Having Fun with a Camera Phone

I’m sure to have fun with it, hehe. 😉

But while I was waiting in line to come to some kind of an agreement with how to work the whole having of a new cell phone and getting my plan tweaked, I was patient & conscience of the fact that I am not the only person on the face of the planet… & that in turn got me a free Iced Quad Venti Caramel Macchiato from the manager of the Sprint store.

It was a Time For Staying Cool.

No… not like “hey, you seem like a nice guy, and I’m an incredibly attractive female with my shit together and a high libido… want to talk over some Starbucks?”

Time For Staying Cool - I Want You To Have This - Iced Quad Venti Marble MacchiatoBut more like “You have been great about how busy we are and very patient… I want you to have this…”.

All I am really doing is just being aware that the whole ordeal was bound to take some time to solve anyhow, the nicer I am to them, the harder it is for them to try to tell me to fuck off. Maybe being a hot headed asshole is the way to go, but… it doesn’t get you very far, and believe it or not… sometimes people do appreciate it. Same thing at work tonight… I had a delivery for the ICU dept at the Hospital, but I couldn’t get through Security to delivery the six pizzas & three 2 liters, so… I used my new camera phone to call the number of the order ticket and put her on speaker phone so they could all talk… but… the lady on the other end was being a bitch to security and ended up calling their boss, and they sent someone out to escort me up… I was patient and understanding about the whole thing… because well… we were slow… and realistically, I would have been piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissed if we were busy and that happened, but I was cool about it and she ended up calling my boss and stroked me all kinds of ways… It was a low point and a highlight of my night all at the same time.

kind of cool though… how me staying cool about shit that a lot of people have meltdowns over has gotten me somewhere this week. I sometimes losing my head when I’m at work… I think maybe I’m subconsciously stressed about my personal fundage… I am the only person I’ve ever met that tries to do what I do as a pizza guy… I don’t know if that’s because I’m really stupid or really crazy…

I’m at job #1 at 5:30am and I think I’m going to pull a double at Job #2 today… why am I still ranting?


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