I Made It… In Record Time

I Made It In Record Time - Pedal To The Metal

I woke up at 9:15am monday morning… took care of some stuff… hit the road in my prepacked car (yep… the VW) and left about 11am for my traditional Midwest Winter Visit. By 1pm I was 180 miles from home playing 2 rounds of disc golf at Gainesvilles fabulous Northside Park.

I Made It… In Record Time

EPIC Record Breaking Time.


By 3am I was in Kentucky about 60 miles away from completing my 1000+ road trip after about a half hour nap in a rest area. Basically what I’m saying is… I got the bug up to 135mph -grin- DAMN I love this fuckin car! But…. as I always do… I let my thoughts wonder about in different aspects of my life. I like to think about the things I’ve done RIGHT as much as I think of the opposite… but being the Pisces that I am, the whole road trip was one giant emotional rollercoaster. I miss being in love… I really really really do… I’m just to smart for that though… I’ve had more than one opportunity these past 9+ months, but I just can’t find a girl that I feel like it’s worth commiting to in a real and genuine fashion.


Sure I can SAY that I love her… and hop on the next best thing that comes my way regardless of my relationship status, but… then I’d be perpetuating the cycle… I called this girl I met in Tennessee a few months ago… perhaps one day I’ll lay down the saga that ensued when my old delivery car broke down at the bottom of Monteagle on my way to meet her for the first time… but, I’ll just cut to the chase… I rejected her as anything more than a “friendly friend” because she was being a lyin’ ass hoe.

But… none the less, when you go through the experiences that we had together, and the sex was pretty good hehe, it’s hard to cut that person completely from your life… at least for me… what can I say?

I’m a big fuckin softee…


Pedal To The Metal.



I called her up and just thought I’d tell her that driving through Tennessee listening to Audioslave brought back the memories of her and I… she had called me a few times over the last few months with similar comments… well… she was at her new boyfriends house… and… to say the least, I left like a total ass… I didn’t know where she was at first… but when there was a moment of uncomfortable silence, I said to her “quick, say something funny…” and she then turned to her man and ask him… “eat shit and die” I think is what I heard, but… I didn’t bother to verify. She was quick to get off the line after her man started chiming in… which… is probably for the best. I deleted her from my cell phone contacts completely immediately following our engaging conversation. I have no one in Midwest that I am interested in that I’ve told I’m in town yet… of course I just got in about 90 minutes ago… but… no premeditated plans. I think that while I’m here, I’m going to continue this path of self discovery and take the advice of a co-worker/friend of mine…

It goes like this:

“If you think you like a girl… just walk up to her without saying anything… and just smack her REAL hard, then that way, she will like you right away.”

It’s not really my style… but, the more I attempt this whole dating bullshit, the more I see that it could actually work. Sad… but true. I don’t have to live around the women I offend around here haha, so maybe I can brush up on my asshole skills and find something temporary… again… or not.

Merry Christmas,

I’m tired… and my Right Foot Hurts.


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