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Not This Time

July 3, 2007 myspacefamous 0

July 3rd…   once again. It comes around every year… and it never ceases to amaze me of how well one can remember the details […]

52 Pick-Up

January 30, 2007 myspacefamous 0

At the early age of 11, I was of left on my own to entertain yourself often.  Mom was in the AA and NA meetings […]

Uncle Bobby - A True Halloween Haunting Story

Uncle Bobby

October 31, 2006 myspacefamous 0

Years ago… after the Great Colorado Escapade, I found out something about my family that I never knew… It was one of the worst times […]

The Best Of Luck - Law Of Attraction

The Best of Luck

October 26, 2006 myspacefamous 0

I have had the most incredible luck this week… I broke a 4 game losing streak in my fantasy football league and stomped my opponent […]

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How It All Began

March 22, 2005 myspacefamous 0

I was chilling at a party at my pal John’s house in good ole “Farmfield”, smokin’ out and witnessing drug deals that would have sent […]