You Get Shown The Light in The Strangest of Places if You Look at it Right

Once In Awhile You Get Shown The Light In The Strangest of Places if You Look at it Right

The moments of doubt and disappointment always seem to get offset sooner or later. With the crazy stuff that happens in my life, sometimes… good things happen.

I lost site of the real overall big picture with my financial situation, and I had to clarified for me this week by a number of factors that have there roots in many facets of my life right now. After talking with the realtors, the loan specialists, and the armchair real estate tycoons that I have recently come to know, here are some factors to getting into the house I’ve been trying to get into: My employment situation can’t change.

Meaning, I need to stay where I’m at until I get into my own house.


I went in for an interview at Pizza Hut, I’m obviously a confident veteran delivery driver, and I would have been able to start for them almost immediately. More deliveries, but less hours, and less pay. More “stiffs” in the area they go to also… not that I haven’t met many nice black women in my time… I was thinking…. well… i need to stay where i am… I’m riding out this storm by working at the other store with some of my old friends that used to work at my store… still gettin my O.T. so my paychecks are phat, I am picking up more shifts that make me more money at my store since I have more time to fill the need for it…

I get to go out on Wednesday nights to the Green Iguana with the gang… the day job guys want me to come back for 3 days a week or so… things are looking really good for me again with the security of the jobs and making money. better than before I was all worried about it. ha. life is funny like that. perhaps i should just lighten up… but… I gotta go to Ohio and take care of a lot of garbage… namely selling the house, so that it will clear my credit enough to get me into a house down here…


so that means once I get into my groove of working my ass off again, and making money… I’ll have to leave to Ohio for a while and fix up the house to get it ready for sale… and fuck up my flow.

heh…. I guess I could look at it as a vacation. I could play lots of disc golf, and get all shit faced in my house a few more times before I clean it and prep it for sale.

Yea. That’s the way to be.

It’s all a matter of perception.


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