All-Star For A Day



On my way to one of my interviews for “The Rooftop Restaurant” bartender, I made a stop to close an old account of mine…


I opened the account years ago at 5/3rd bank in “The Midwest”…  I needed to sort out all the small amounts of money, close accounts… pay bills… all when mom died. 




I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone really talk about that part of it…




I ended up using the account for all my “Midwest House” transactions, the tenants I was renting to would simply go to the bank and deposit into my account every month.  It was right down the street and in a prime location considering the size of my po-dunk “Midwest” origins.


In light of the last year or so now… there hasn’t been any reason to keep it open…


It held 36 cents as its balance for about 16 months or so… and it represented a few things that are well worth letting go of…


Since I was “all dressed up” for the interview and all, it would be an ideal time to do some “inter-personal” banking.  Even if it was only to simply close the account.


I had noticed it for years… the 5/3rd Bank that was on “The Shoreline”…  The only one for EONS… but it somehow made its way all the way down to “Shoreline” Blvd, the “main drag” that runs the length of the “Waters Edge” in the Southern-most parts of the County.  I had never been inside, but I was strangely comforted by the idea that I could manage my money from down here if needed.


In the last year, I’ve seen at least 3 more 5/3rd Banks crop up all over “The Dirty South”…


Since I thought it was such a GOOD THING that I was closing the account, I was full of good spirits about it all, walking into the door in my “Best” clothes, haha.


I asked the teller who I would speak to about closing an account, he directed me to “sign in” and there was a couch conveniently located just behind me for me to sit and wait for a manager to become available.


I thanked the man, and turned to find a place on the couch, when a large box sitting on top of the end table next to the couch caught my eye.  Atop the display it read:


“All-Star For A Day”


The information on the box was explaining the prizes and such in an upbeat and fun short paragraph just below a terrible black and white picture of two people smiling, with one holding an official NHL Players Jersey.


That’s our Hockey Team…


In case you didn’t know.










There was a stack of small entry forms attached to the display, hovering over the usual cardboard box with a slit.  Having an ink pen in hand, I made quick work of the entry form, and thought to myself,


“I’ve been trying to get out to a hockey game all season…  I bet I could find 3 more people to go with me if the tickets are FREE.”


I waited for what seemed like quite a while, yet I did have an interview to be on time for.  The closing of my account went swimmingly, as did the interview.




What can I say?


When you’re hot…


You’re Hot.



I have since signed up for a few employment agencies that specialize in Event Staffing, things like promotional gimmicks, maybe flash the brand of something around at a place where people may or may not be interested in what they’re peddling…


Stuff like that.


I got a phone call from Amanda with the local NHL Hockey Team about 3 weeks later.  She left me a very vague voicemail with her telephone number.  I had just made the assumption that it must be related to some kind of event coming up… I had to wonder if I wouldn’t get a chance to see a game…  I had missed out on the last 6 home games…  I kept eyeballing the tickets on Ticketmaster, trying to figure out the best deal in the tons of different packages they have to offer for hockey games…


I even looked at the last regular season game against the neighboring team in another division… in doing so I did however get primitive information on the first round of the Playoffs; Our team was one of the last teams to clinch a late playoff spot.  I asked around some more… but no one was interested… and I really didn’t think I’d have all that much fun if I ended up going alone…


I remember… I was hanging out with My old boss man Billy, who’s ironically younger than I am.  We’d kept in touch on and off, but now that he was quit doing all the “stupid shit” he calls it, and started working out everyday, trying to get back into shape… he’s been a lot more available to hang out with.  He called me up wanting me to take him to my kick ass lil gym Mike and I found early this year, and get him signed up.


We had a great workout, he was HARDCORE about getting back into shape, where as I had been only doing 20 minutes a day, on average of once or twice a week… he was obviously going to help me stay motivated, and those are the kinds of people that I like to have around me.  We must have been there for the better part of 2 hours… 


This due Al that we’ve been playing basketball with was supposed to come meet us and get signed up to…


But you know how it is…


We met up later, when we got back from hanging out at the beach with a few other friends; I dropped Billy off at home, and headed off to work. 


On my way, I checked my voicemail.  I received a return phone call from Amanda with the local NHL Hockey Team in response to my message I left stating “I don’t know what this is about???” inferring to her vagueness… 





Of course.









That’s when she spelled it out for me.


“myspaceFamous @ FictionOrPity, you entered the “All-Star For A Day” sweepstakes at a 5/3rd Bank branch a few weeks ago. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, you’ve been selected.”


She went on to say I won 4 tickets to Game 3 of the playoffs versus the [Northeast Rival Team]! 


And she needed to know my Jersey Size.





I NEVER enter these things…  I recall wanting to fill one out at Tires Plus waiting for my car back for Gold’s Gym, but there was no pen.  So I didn’t.


But THIS time… at the bank like that… as I was full of positivity, “Being” and confidence.  “Strong, Powerful Thoughts” Maharishi likes to call them…


While waiting for my car at Tires Plus…


I wasn’t in nearly as good of a mood.



I called Billy back and asked him if he was a hockey fan, he told me that the Lightning was his favorite hockey team, haha.


He got the 3rd ticket.


I already had one reserved for, my man, my hero…


My Uncle


I considered bringing a date for a moment…


2 blocks later, I decided that my room mate Chris was a much better choice.


Besides, what kind of a GIRL likes HOCKEY?




Chris got me hooked up to the Box Seats for the Sebastian Bach and Guns and Roses show last year, and we watched them win the Stanley Cup together before I even moved in! 


Hardcore Local Hockey Team Fan’s ONLY.


I had a hell of a time organizing the whole gathering of people for this… I told Billy we’d ride together, and I had to pick my uncle up also.  Jim has been having a lot of troubles walking with his back and leg nerves being fucked up for a few months now… and Chris was driving separately, so I had to get the tickets from Will Call, then figure out how to get his to him… all while BATTLING the traffic to get to the Expressway from The Bridge, trying to meet with Amanda from the NHL Team Marketing Offices by 6:30pm, just before Face-off. 


I did what I could in the VDub, and got us there to grab the LAST spot (literally!) in the parking lot closest to the Saint Pete Times Forum, but Jim was having a really hard time walking… there was no way he was going to keep up with me in the mode I was in…


So Billy and I slowed it down some.  I know my Uncle to be a very proud man…  he would not have much appreciated looking like a gimp by us carrying him or anything of the sort… so I let him be, and just didn’t make it an issue.  I had already called Amanda of the Marketing Offices Sounding Like A Total Hottie, Twice to let her know that we were running late… she giggled at my second call.


We found out seats, and as soon as I learned where we were going to be sitting…




AT GAME 3!  TIED 1-1!!!!


-myspaceFamous @ FictionOrPity goes wild!-


I rushed up the stairs to find “Amanda” where she told me she would be.


Just as I got on the other side of the curtain, I heard the announcer come on the loud speaker, naming off the sponsors and all the announcements.


I rounded the corner and found a 30ish petite blonde woman standing in a business jacket, holding a Jersey. 


Somehow I knew who it was…


I walked towards her as she was on her walkie-talkie, after I got close enough to read the Jersey… “MyspaceFamous”, I copped a grin and caught her gaze.


“You must be Amanda.”


She looked at me almost terrified… obviously shocked.


“Are you myspaceFamous @ FictionOrPity?”


“That’s me.”


“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!  They JUST said your name on the announcements!”


I noticed the disappointed look on her face right when they must have announced my name… the very moment I first spoke to her.


I laughed as I said:


“Oh really? –chuckle- That doesn’t much matter to me.  At least the people that it would mean the most to heard it.”


She continued to apologize even after handing me the Jersey.


I smiled and thanked her “very much” as I walked away to watch the start of the game…







I hooked up with Chris shortly after, having to pass him the Ticket over the “rope” that you’re not allowed to re-enter if you leave the gates, and we made it back to see the majority of the first period


It was a nail biter; we had a 2-1 lead through most of the game, but late in the second period, The Devils Tied it up 2-2.  Late in the 3rd period… after WEARING on the goalie for most of the Home game, we FINALLY bashed one in to take a 3-2 lead, which ultimately won Game 3 of the series! 










For some reason, when I’m at a NHL game, they ALWAYS win.  In fact, I’d never even WATHCED a game on TV that the team had lost, at that point that,



The whole event was such an awesome moment in my life.  Something wonderful happened seemingly randomly!


But it really wasn’t.


I was letting go of old bullshit… looking to fill the new found space with new memories and adventures…  I knew that if I were to close that account before the interview, I’d be “right where I wanted to be” when I walked and talked my way into my first Bartending gig…  but not ONLY that, I knew I could razzle-dazzle the manager interviewing me, and get started out on the right foot. 


Never underestimate the power of Charm.




After all… if you don’t have the management on your side in a restaurant…


Your days are numbered.


I was RIGHT where I wanted to be… and I knew what I needed to get me there.  I followed my instincts, and my gut… my heart. 


To think… what if I applied this sort of thing wherever I could find an opening to do so?  What if there was a way to lived such a charmed life all the time? 


Why should I believe that I have horrible luck just because of what’s happened in the past?




Maybe there IS something to The Law Of Attraction…


I’m a walking testimonial.


I even got the shirt to prove it.



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