Looking Forward

Looking Forward - The Tale of a Hustler Looking Forward - Never Say Die (To Looking Back)

I’ve always put the about me’s that I come up with into a blog when I’m due for a new one… in this case I’m WAY over due…

so much has happened…  so much has changed…

I’m looking forward to looking back.

To attempt the absurd is the first step in achieving the impossible.  The Impossible has become my specialty..  perhaps I’m just falling into old patterns, but I constantly find myself in situations that seem hopeless, yet I stick it out and make it work.  It’s not because I’m blessed with great luck, it’s not because I kiss the right ass, it’s not because I sell myself out.  It’s because:

I never say die.

When I was growning up, It seems I always had a battle to fight, now as a man I have the same plight.  I guess you could say I was a Born Rebel.

I’m not sure when it happened for me, but in the 6+ years that I’ve lived here in Florida, I found a new side of me that I never knew I had.

I tell the tale of a Hustler.

I know how to work it.

I know how to get it done.

My capacity for taking on new challenges has been diminished by my current situation…  I work 40-50 hours a week slingin’ pizza and I do my Analyst Office gig, and on top of that I do freelance web site development and computer hardware/software.  I’ve recently aquired a beautiful new girlfriend, and I’ve rededicated myself to my friendships.

If you don’t have family or friends… what do you really have?

Social Media has been a part of my everyday life now for about a year and it amazes me how something as cheesy as a place on the web can truly touch other lives.

My Blogs are extremely personal and reflect my character.  Not who I want to be, but who I am.  I’m a passionate man, with flaws and issues that riddle my brain and place me in compromising situations frequently.

It’s all a matter of perception

I choose not to fear change or avoid confronting my problems.  Instead… I embrace it.  It breaks up the monotony of my everyday life and allows me to feel again…. it allows me to shine in my darkest hours.  I’ll continue to fight the good fight, but I could use some new tactics..

Perhaps I sound cynically optimistic, sometimes things aren’t what they seem..  to be both light and dark, is to be real.  You can’t truly know someone unless you know their light and dark…

I like to get to know a person for more than superficial reasons..  and I like to share myself with others as well.  I don’t play games, and I don’t take shit.  I just try my best to be just like I am.

I talk to everyone,

All my friends kick ass.

Get to know me, so you can kick ass too.



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