A Means to an End

Crash Test Dummy Pizza Man - A Means To An End

Work…  has become my driving force to improve myself…  my motivation to get up in the morning, my passion to reach satisfaction…

Yet, here I am.. after almost 2 years being the Pizza Man for the Bay area, I have nothing but 2 busted and broken down cars, and a lot of debt to show for it.  I’ve poured my heart and soul into keeping the idea alive that Mom had for the house in Ohio she left me..  It is only through being the craziest, hardcore, most bad ass pizza man that I’ve been able to hustle all these bills, and keep all these dreams alive, and for that, I am grateful.  I’m grateful that I’ve met some of the best people of my life while on the job, and I’m grateful that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to take this job and work it well enough to keep the dreams and hopes alive…

But the price has been steep.

I’m to the point in life where I just can’t get stretched any further without everything falling apart all at once.  My car, my baby…. my 2002 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo S, broke a timing belt and has caused an estimated $3000 worth of damage to my engine.  I found a cheap car to drive until I could find a way to get her fixed…  and the same car lot I bought this 1989 Toyota Corolla GTS from said they could get the Beetle back on the road again for cheap, total expenses of $1500 or so… and I could do it a little at a time until its done as well…

sounds great, but…

a lady decides to take a U-Turn in the middle of 38th Ave while I’m on my last run one Friday night for a 14 pizza order, RIGHT in front of me… without looking.

She was cited for an improper turn, and then taken to jail for violating probation for “some pretty bad stuff” according to the police officer.  Then… I get the news that she has no insurance…  her policy was cancelled 2 weeks before the crash.

If making a house payment, paying court fees, paying rent, and making payments on my other bills along with every day expenses like Cell phones, gas, and groceries wasn’t enough, I’m now liable for the remaining balance on my new smashed up delivery car AND my 2002 Beetle – not to mention the insurances the I have..  being sued… NOW… I have to rent a car for god knows how long and pay for it out of pocket too??

Fuck man

I’ll never be able to make it… I can’t do it anymore..  there is no way it’s going to work now,  I’ve failed…


that all happened about 3 months ago,

and I’m still standing.

I’ve rented at least 10 cars as a result of the whole fiasco above, and spend literally thousands waiting on this cocksucker at the car lot to finish the Beetle…

But he continues to dick around.

I’ll be getting my Baby back soon, whether its because he finished it, or someone else does.  I’ve been begging borrowing and stealing cars for months, doing fucked up shit around town for extra money, and have even been riding my bike from one car rental lot to the next, all masking my pizza man intentions by keeping my uniform in my book-bag…

My life has become a real life “Grand Theft Auto”.

I know this job isn’t forever…

and I can’t say I hate the job…

I could never say that.

But it’s time I found a better way.

Wish me luck.





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