Into the Great Unknown

Into the Great Unknown

Every so often..  I change up my profile to reflect the things happening in my life..  It’s been a long time since I’ve changed it up a little…

I usually post the old “About Me” section into my blog so I can look back on what a dumbass I was in a few years;  How nieve and dramatic I was over the dumbest shit..

These next few months are going to define what my life is to become in the up and coming years, and for the first time ever, I am completely aware of it.  What we all do in our everyday lives will define our futures, whether it is as simple as stopping at that “pink” light and missing out on a head on collision or just being in the right place at the right time to meet someone that could ultimately change your life..

I look to the past a lot, but not for answers… for guidance…  and usually the answers that my past gives me are “Don’t do that ever again… dumbass!”

In ways I’m intimidated by the changes before me, but overall…  I’m excited,  I’m looking forward to change, for better or worse.

Wish me luck into the Great Unknown.

About Me:

An optimistic pizza man with flaws and issues…  I have the full range of moods and emotions, and no regrets for the choices I’ve made in life and the risks I have and have not taken.  I fill my life full of adventure and action… because I can.   Life is for living.   It will be 1 year that I’ve been on this site in May, since then I’ve taken heart and POURED it out into my Blog entries… they paint a very lucid picture of who I really am. I am real.  I am unique.  I am special.  I am the pizza man

I like to think that I’m learning myself more and more each day.  I’m striving toward mastering the art of Me.  It’s a project that I’ve affectionately called “The Pizza Man Experiment”

I like to keep a few fresh pictures of me and my crazy antics in the photo rotation and it makes my dick hard when a girl will actually take the time to read my blogs and post a comment.

I’m a huge fan of cats and animals in general… I like to show off my baby girls because they are all the pussy in life I need.  They love me back just as much…

I clear off a lot of my “non-active” friends from time to time, so if you used to be on my list and you aren’t anymore, it’s nothing personal, just write me.

My friends kick ass, add me if you want to kick ass too.

Message or comment me here: @myspaceFamous @FictionOrPity should you feel compelled to get to know your pizza man.





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