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Game On - Idle Is Not An Option

Something in my very soul requires a spark to ignite my true potential at maximum capacity. Something drives me to become more than a man, to leave all limits and weakness behind, and take control of my situation. I step up. I own it. I have no other choice. Failure is NOT an option. In the past month, I’ve been pulled over for doing 83 in a 65 while driving around with enough shit in my car to send me straight to jail for 3 or more reasons… and gotten away with just talking some shit to the coolest cop I’ve ever met.

I got pulled over again on the clock doing about 60-70 in a 45 and hauling ass through traffic across 2 lanes… again… I got let off, most likely due to my tact with the officers. Finally… I got pulled over by a slew of Police involved in an undercover operation involving heroin and a middle aged lady in a nice house, in a nice neighborhood that I delivered a pizza to…

I got caught doing 60 in a 40, then not stopping at a red light while turning right, then for doing 50 in a 35… then… for having a minimal amount of mid’s with some wraps in my driver side door as a result of a search I agreed to after much debate and negotiation… funny thing though.

All I got was a “no seat belt” ticket, all I could do was kind of say to myself,

“Holy shit.”

I knew that if they thought I had something to hide, they would have fucked me… I guess I couldn’t have played it better…

But that’s not all.

Last Friday I was trying to turn right onto 5th Ave N from 4th St N but a big green Dodge SLT pick up was in front of me so I couldn’t make the turn… he stopped well short of the red light, then began slowly creeping forward. I assumed that he saw me with my turn signal on and was trying to let me by. No. As I pulled to the side of him squeezing around the corner trying to save precious time in getting the 3 deliveries I had in my car to their destination… the green truck suddenly cuts his wheel to the right and stomps on the gas… right into my side view mirror… which I got to witness EXPLODE before my eyes since my window was down and I was looking to my left to make sure no traffic was coming once I made it all the way around the truck.


Suddenly I see a police officer in full uniform appear from around the front of the truck. He then says “You can’t do that, I’m going to make a report on this.” That’s when it hit me… he was the guy driving the truck…

About 30 seconds after he got on his cell phone, their were about 4 cruisers on the scene. The last time I called the cops I had to wait for an hour until they showed up.


At any rate, I was obviously not going to win… and I was sure that I would lose my job this time. Even though I was at a complete stop when he smacked into me, that the damage to my car was behind the front tire on the drivers side, that he didn’t use his turn signal when I did… I still got a ticket. I was still at fault.

“Overtaking on the right” was the ticket they gave me. I’ve never heard of that bullshit before, until now.

So now I have at least $1500 in damages to my beautiful car… It needs an alignment, and a driver side mirror, that’s not including any body work at all either… I ALMOST resorted to drastic measures over my emotional distress over the whole situation…

but I didn’t.

I couldn’t work at Papa John’s all the rest of the weekend over all that because it’s against company policy to let a driver drive if he gets a ticket, without running a Motor Vehicle Report. Since it was the weekend… I had to wait until Monday to get the bad news that I was going to get fired… so… after I got everything taken care of at the scene, and I cashed out back at the store…

I drove around for a few minutes trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life… when all the sudden… my survival instincts kicked in. I went into good ole Hungry Howies… and told them about my situation.

They said “Come in tomorrow, I’ll have a shirt for you.”

Bitch, you can’t bring me down.

I’m THE mutha fuckin pizza man!

I did ok over the weekend, but I didn’t make nearly as much there as I do at Papa John’s… but the stress level is MUCH lower, there are definite perks to H.H.’s over P.J.’s, but I love the chaos, I love getting 40 deliveries in a night… I love driving and getting paid PHAT for it.

Monday afternoon… I was staring at the bottle of MD 20/20… awaiting my answer…

“You want the good news or the bad news first?” My boss asks me.

“Let’s get the bad news over with…” I say.

“If you ever get caught without a belt, a name tag, or no car topper on, or your shirt not tucked in, or in cargo pants ever again, you will no longer be employed with us” he says.


“What’s the good news then?” I asked.

“You need to go by the other store and pick up some Spicy Meatballs on your way into work tonight. We are out.” He said.

Holy shit.

Somehow… after all that has happened to me with the police in the last 3 weeks… I still have my fucking job, and I’m still on the streets and not in jail or worse.


Talk about a new appreciation for life…

I just don’t know how to cope with it all sometimes… part of the reason I’m in all this trouble with the law is because I’m always on the road, and I’m always in a hurry trying to make a living, you know?

But I do love this job…

for better or worse…

Because as of this moment…

It’s Game On.

I just found out that the house in Ohio is now vacant… and totally fucked up too… but its finally empty. You know what that means? I can finally move on with my fucking life… I have to plan a trip up there to fix the place up now… once and for all. I plan to sell the fucker… finally. My grandma apparently knows the neighbor (small town bullshit) and she found out today and called me to tell me the place was trashed, but empty. She seems hellbent on my accepting my failure of profiting off this house… sadly I will ultimately lose my ass on this house… but at least I can say I tried.

I’m not giving up now… I’ve come way to far.

Failure…. is NOT an option.

Idle is not an option.

There is so much more at stake than anyone can possibly imagine… those reasons will surely be the foundation to a blog in the not so distant future…

Now… I’m completely broke, I don’t know how I’m going to scrape the cash together to pay this months mortgage… but I’ll find a fucking way.

Watch me.

I had to file an eviction for this asshole to finally get out, and just after I finally got all that figured out, I get a certified letter… My ex-step father is now suing me because I was late on a few payment for the loan on the house that is still in his name… what he wants to get out of the whole thing I couldn’t tell you… but I have officially been sued.

So lets review:

I’m a pizza man with a bunch of pending traffic tickets, and fines and lawyer fees to pay for, with a fucked up car, who has a house that MUST be sold and an ex step father who is suing me over the house that is now totally trashed…

oh yea…

after my little 2 day vacation that I took this weekend to Ft. Lauderdale and Miami… I’m officially flat ass broke.

No matter how hard you try, You can’t stop me. I am hardcore.

Hakuna Matata.


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