Nervous Energy

What do I do with all this Nervous Energy? I can sleep at night... but I Don't.

Nervous Energy Breeds CreationNervous Energy:  To acquire nervous energy, you must first must  be nervous.  I believe that “nervousness” is a mental condition like that of paranoia, only on a more rational, less intense (though sustained above average levels), less frequent, and easy to mask as well.


I first learned to realize when people are nervous.  The next step, is to care enough to ask why.  I first began to notice by reactions.  My significant other and I like to play these games, as I call them.  She notices when I’m “uncomfortable” about something.  When she discovers why, she acts in the coldest, most extremely inconsiderate way to my condition… Which baffles me completely…



Nervous Energy: a far more intense reaction than comfortable.


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