Poor Me

"Teenage Against has paid of well. Now I'm bored and old." - Kurt Cobain

I sometimes dream of things to come true

She hasn’t even told me what I already know

I’m on all the shit list’s

I can put on quite a big show

They all want me; I don’t want them at all

Can’t have the one I want, ‘cuz I’ve been with you all

Irony always seems to shit in my face

The mirror, it looks back at me in shame and disgrace

You can’t know me

refusing to ever let you in my head

I know you could participate

in ressurrecting my fate

wish you could see what it is that I’m wanting from you

Only if you had eyes to it’s will, could you see

I yearn for something no longer; I no longer ask why

Too many piecies off the board I call love; Now I long to die

I don’t need it

But it seems to need me

Won’t be what you want

becauce I’m free

can’t decide whether I like it or not

you think I’m over you

It sounds like something you might say

Maybe I am; but only because you want it that way

Come on and bring it on

Break me like you always do

Quit making it so easy for me

The only one I have faith left in is you

Snap me like the twig that I am

Can seem so cruel, yet comforting

Shepard of me; a mere lamb

Lose without a battle, I’ll be damned

Do you regret it

Do you wish for a change

Or do you loathe it

Do your memories seem re-arranged

Maybe because of all my stupid shit

If I surrendered, whom would I endow

Has it changed from then to now

probably has, but I can’t figure how

I’m all alone

No one is left for me

Not even you, oh love of my life

This here is the end of my quest

Can’t stand thinking about you

can’t understand why I can’t live without you

I’m scared to think what I’d do

Just to forget about you

I can’t get you out of my mind

Did you do this to me

Or this some obsession of mine

Why do I even think about it

Could you love me or just lust as you see me

I’ve done some pretty fucked up shit

It’s probably a waste of time

I’ve found your soul and I think I liked it

Beware of what you want

Careful what you wish for

Can’t be satisfied with what I want

because I always want more

will my eyes grow to be stronger than me?

Will He take my special powers

The powers I shred your soul open with, to see

the pain you’ve felt: the pain you release on me


I am strong

Stronger the He

we all are; we all can

When we what to be

My life is filled with choices

Turn it up so I can’t hear the voices

They like to antagonize me

with their evil noises

I’m already dead

They killed me long, long ago

Left me with nothing

But bittersweet memories and a broken bed

How does it work

or does it work at all

do I forget it because I regret it?

Or should I keep it; treat them all like a Fucking china doll!

Fixing me

It’s like killing you

Telling my mind to change

Instructing it to do

exactly what I want it to

Make me heal

Make the pain and sorrow go away

‘Cuz I can’t stand how I feel today

Begining to remeber

starting to recall

The way it was

back last fall

Happiness from then

returning to it now

Letting go of all the pain

Feels almost refreshing; being insane

Held you in my arms

in a dream I had last night

So perfect there

God your such a gorgeous site

Just tell me what to do

‘cuz I don’t know

I just want to squeeze you

and never let go


from the fires of distrust

hiding gets old

Choking on the dust

Stirred by you

sweeping me off my feet

Whats holding me back

love is; being to an attack

Stuff it down

stuff it away

Saving it all

for another day

Anger on a broken leash

Mind twisting demolitions

Why won’t you release

your paranoid suspicions

Love is strong

I’ll just keep telling myself that

It’s what I’ve thought all along

Won’t even listen to the new song

Staring right through the back of my innocence

Glaring down at my compassion

Slaughtering my point of view

that I’ve had for so long; or am I wrong?

‘Till I fall apart

it cannot be forgotten

Don’t know how to start

After all, I’m not that smart

Peace comes from within

I found it in my darkest hour

Same bullshit, with a lovely twist

I hate taking Power

Aye me

the only words I can seem to utter

Still doesn’t understand

I have to wonder; Did I stutter

Thinks they know what Love is

Refuse the guilt of responsibilty

Being everything I ever dreamed

Why does she have to do this to me

I have no doubt

the love I’ve been without

Can’t break me

You can never burn my heart out

I will never give up

I’ll never play the games you do

I will not sacrifice myself

just to be miserable, with you

Beautiful loss

Nothing else to call this

Granted wishes at a high cost

A sin gentle as a kiss

Pain before and the sorrow after

Alone, yet tied down

Echoing lonely laughter

As for denial; I am the master

I can feel it all

Emptiness is all I see

I wish my anger

would just let me be

How can I return

How can I get away

How much have I really learned

Why can’t I find what it is I’m trying to say

Gonna go away

getting the fuck out

Gotta leave your pain

hearing nothing but screams and shouts

Run faster than it ever will

but she stalks you still

For Pain she is a lady

how I pray that He will save me

Mutated thoughts

of my depression

Hole in my mind

Beyond Obsession

Even late for my very own confession

scar me by leaving a gaping incision

“Excuse et’ moi!”

I forgot you needed permission

Got it for you

Because of us

To you from me

Swirling thoughts littered with lust

All these memories

With nothing to gain

Unbelievable accusations

stirring my raging pain

I am your worst nightmare

I am true love

I’ll be there

because I care

I’ll relieve your pain

I’ll take away your doubts

You have nothing to fear

Not while I’m here

I’m so perfect

I’ve been this way for so long

I love everyone

and I can do no wrong

I never meant to hurt anybody

Knowing that I’ve lied once or twice

Waiting blindly for direction

hope my eyes open when I roll the dice

Out of my mind

get it out of my head

can’t think for another second

can’t remember what was said

Called the king of hearts

Haven’t forgotten about you yet

showing off the lovely scars

How disappointing can it get?

Who keeps reinventing me

Why can they just let me be

How fucking beautifull

I’m such a fucking fool

What possesses binding

Emptiness is what I’m finding

Pay no attention

Ask why my teeth are grinding

Raging to apologize

before the moment dies

Vomiting your words

Because you deny your lies

Can’t think about anything

except wrong and right

Revenge is my King

Damn me for being so fucking impolite

Consistant spactication

Delightfull aquirations

Orgasmic damnation

Change the stereo station

Love once reigned

Lust and Power won the throne

Trust replaced with Pain

The wish for the insane unknown

Bewitching Bitchiness

A Love; lacking lucridity

Tormented by my own bonding word

Oh, the things I’ve heard

Confusion sets in

when it gets a little sticky

Speaks bad of everything

and she’s so fucking picky

Stomach craving stability

Her mouth can always destroy me

I can’t stand the hurting

my eyes won’t quit burning

I cant stand her smart ass

God why can’t I last

I hope she makes it fast

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