I’m better off that way

Anyone I’ve ever let get close has hurt me

And I feel this sick urge to get them back

I can’t always find gorgeous words to say

Why can’t I see

On the defensive; ready to attack

on my own; I know I’ll make it all the way


Am I so wrong to expect as much as I do?

Should I lower my standards and just except what she does

Should I sacrifice my hopes of the ultimate dream I call true love

She’s the closest I ever knew

Don’t dare think I left her just because

Am I blind to fate’s path

Why can’t I see

Do I search for her, or does she find me?


Is it you messing with my mind

or is my mind messing with me?

What is it that you feel

Somethings that are in you that are in me that I see

I intrigue you to no end

but that gives you, the intrued, the upper hand

I wait for the tide to wash ashore my pride

In the midst, untill then, in my uncertain doubt is where I’ll hide


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