Reality Sucks


        Jenny broke up with me because of me and Stephanie fighting.  That’s why I was attracted to her.  She’s just a scared little bitch.  When I got pissed off that showed her that I still cared about Stephanie.  She wanted me all to herself.  And since she couldn’t have all my heart and soul, she didn’t want it at all.  She was very intelligent.  Her own thoughts were hurting her, but she blamed it on me.  Perhaps it was my fault, but she shared similar occurences in the past, so I’m not alone.  She did to me what I did to Stephanie.  I blamed her for my self-inflicted pain.

I wanted her all to myself, but I couldn’t have her all to myself because she still had feelings for so many others, and so many others still had feelings for her.

And I can’t handle that, I don’t think anyone can.

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