Through the blaring screams of the stereo and the intoxicating haze that hung at eye level, sat a man less than he once was.  He had the tears of heartbreak and the scars of love, cemented to his face.

Only now did he realize what he had done.  He gave up his hopes and dreams with Melanie, in high hopes of finally finding a happiness that he had never had.

His relationship with Melanie had been both the best and worst experience of his life.  Her belated love for him grew and kept him warm on the nights they spent away from each other.  Though her lies cut away at the emotional attachment that kept him with her.  Untill finally, she cut it completely away.

They had stayed away from each other, fought together, and ignored one another, like most split-up couples do.  But they both finally admitted to each other that they couldn’t stand the thought not being with one an another.  But those evil memories came back and he felt the hurt she dealt him yet again.  He told himself that she would never hurt him again.  He was chasing his impossible dream…… to find happiness with a woman.  He wanted someone that he could make happy and could be happy with.  He knew that Melanie could be happy without him.

At the lunch table one day, as he was recovering from his daze of thought, he noticed Jaimie’s staring glare from her forehead and she shot him a smile as she broke eye contact.  Jaimie was a beautiful blonde who had that something, that hidden wild side about her that he liked to find in women.

The next day, word got out that Jaimie liked him and it didn’t take long for him to find out.  Nor did it take him long to pounce upon the oppertunity.  They

exchanged phone numbers and by the end of the week they were an infamous couple.



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