Lithium; I Killed You, I'm Not Gunna Crack

The atomic structure for the chemical composition of Lithium pales in comparison to the complexity of human mind.

Today is yet another lonely day for me.  I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I don’t find comfort in knowing that there are other people suffering in the same way I am.  Not unless you’re the reason why I suffered.

Do you ever just sit and think about just what the fuck you want from life?  Do you think about what’s most important to you?

I’ve spent my life trying not to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.  But the more I try, the more I resist, the harder it gets.

I’m just a piece a shit, just like alot of people I know.  But there’s a special comfort you get from excepting this about yourself.  And it drives you torward suicide.


The atomic structure of chemical composition pales in complexity to the human mindI got a girl who’s fucked four guys;

I got a girl who fucked some dude twice;

I got a girl who don’t get on ‘er knees;

I got a girl who hardly ever wants to fuck me;

I got a girl who fucked another guy;

I got a girl she don’t even know why;


My mind, sick and twisted as it is, has created the ultimate revenge on her for not waiting on me.  For her not loving me the first time we slept together.  For not putting me before her own selfish desires….  She once slept with a guy she didn’t like when she got drunk and stoned, basically she fucked some 19 year old bastard who took advantage of her.  It ain’t like she put up much of a fight.  When she comes back, we’ll both get totally fucked up, and I’ll fuck ‘er and then say, “I’d have never done that if I wasn’t stoned.”.  That’s the line of shit she gave me, it could be the final stage to my masterpiece.  True revenge shall be mine.  I can take the suffering.  I’m still with her aren’t I?  After this I’ll be able to think much more clearly on my future of being an asshole.

A Lithium cr2032 Battery contains the same elements they are feeding me to make me "better"

Shouldn’t she pay the ultimate price for fucking me over the way she did?  Would I……Am I, supposed to let all of it go.  If she thinks I’ve ever begun to punish her she is dead wrong.  But you see I’ve got to stay patient.  If I drive her away to far, she’ll leave me.  And that is not the way my revenge is sought.  Oh no…… I’ll MAKE her feel.  She’s told me how much she has hurt.  And the irony is, everything any of her last touchy-feely and sexual partners has ever done to hurt her, she has done to me.  Now, I’m gonna introduce a whole new pain……


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