Revealing the Darkness


Moments of life come into focus so quickly…

it is often hard to grasp the impact of events in real time.

Life changing, mind altering effects take hold only as quickly as the consciousness will allow. Keeping an open heart and consistent awareness leads to a keen development of the possibilities to be sowed from love, pain, passion, guilt, kindness, betrayal, and indifference. Fear closes the mind and the heart to both pain and joy, while a persistent positivity that comes with denial and emotional blindness lends itself to the ultimate vulnerability of the soul, and an indefinite cynicism will keep you incapable of what it means to feel a true sense of Hope.

So… where should ones intention strive to default?

What plan of action for the fulfillment of ultimate desire should one pursue?

These questions are on a much higher level of self-awareness, founded from the answers to inquiries of worth, sharing, receiving, hope,



“Is what I think and feel worth sharing with others?… is it… safe?”

“What is it that I truly, fundamentally WANT from personal interaction… from life… from… Love..?”

Such questions much be answered before ones soul can truly explore the possibilities of ones being. It is not until then will such revelations become meaningful and understandable.

Perhaps this is why so many relationships fail… because of the experimentation of two or more minds and hearts intertwining causes a wide variety of indescribable sensations to the human spirit.

So many complexities of each “being” can create when the confusion of motives occur. Some of us are striving to illuminate the darkness of our environment….

And we will.


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