Shot Glass And A Haircut

Shot Glass & A Haircut - My Adventure to South Street, Philadelphia

I took a spontaneous road trip out to Jersey / Philly while I was in the Midwest..

Dad sold me his beater truck so I could haul the SHIT loads of Junk the assholes tenants living in my house in the Midwest¬†someplace to dump it. It ended up costing about $400 to get rid of all the shit they left behind… and that’s not even all of it yet.

With all the stress and negative comments about what I’m trying to do there in the Midwest… I needed to get away…

Haha the truck liner was trying to fly out of the bed of the truck I was hauling so much ass.

I got invited out to New Jersey / Philadelphia area for a few days… things didn’t exactly work out like I was lead to believe they would, but I made the best of the experience by using it for some “me time”.
I did get to go to South Street and get a taste of what Philly was like, I found it to be dirty… ragged out… and otherwise unwelcoming, but that was just a first impression. Someone bought me a shot glass from “Condom Kingdom”, I took it as my only souvenir from the trip.

It was pretty cool taking an all new road trip while already on a road trip… kind of.. I’ve never done anything quite like that before. I ended up wandering around after I realized disc golf and being extremely irritated at a bitch will just mix well together.. I drove through the streets of Philly at rush hour and saw the girl of my dreams…

She was on a ten speed bike riding next to me until she hauled ass through the red light, rode through traffic, and then disappeared around the corner.


I found a huge Mall called King of Prussia. This mall was so bad ass, It had everything every other mall I’ve been in has, but there were HOES!!! RIGHT ON THE WALLS!

I had been wanting to get a trim for months.. and I hadn’t had my hair touched by a professional since December.. so I was overdue for a little touch up. I figured with the being a “High Roller” style Mall there were surely a few good places to get my hair cut.
so I did

I had fun… even if I was all by myself.

When things get to me.. and I get all worked up over something so slight and stupid as someone else’s hangups, my curse that is optimism shows itself.. I look deep inside for answers to have it all make sense again…

That is when it happens…¬†the answer comes to me.

Hakuna Matata

I went and drove 9 hours East while I was in the Midwest taking care of my business..


For a Shot Glass and a Haircut.


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