The Only Honest Woman I’ve Ever Known…

I met this girl a few months back… she’s obviously not interested in getting to know me any further after our brief interaction late one Saturday night after work.

Perhaps it’s because I smelled like pizza.


At any rate, she has somehow fascinated me with her personality, and even further more, her honesty.

I feel that I’m extremely personal in my rants and deep thoughts that I write into these blogs…

I think people overlook the depths and effort that my blogs delve into.

I love it when I get feedback, just so long as it’s not matching the intellect of wheelbarrow…

I’ve never have met a girl that puts the spin on her blogs like this one. While I admit to being disappointing she was calling her ex-boyfriend and bid me farewell as I sat next to her in our first meeting, things tend to happen for a reason.

She may be the only honest woman I’ve ever met.

It’s not the I’m really smitten with her, but she is an attractive young girl with a higher level of intelligence than what I’ve accustomed to finding. She’s picky, she’s particular, and she is who she is and doesn’t much care what people think of her on an individual basis.

What’s not to like about this girl with me being a single guy that craves someone that he can match wits with? Her blogs are something I’ve never seen in such a raw format.


She doesn’t try to lie to herself, she isn’t ashamed of who she is or what she wants or needs. While my young acquaintance may not be the girl for me, and she most certainly doesn’t seem interested in me (I can take a hint – saying nothing at all, says a lot), as part of The Pizza Man Experiment, I can take components of what this girl does that tweaks my interests and perhaps because more aware of what it is that I myself would like a woman to be comprised of. While she is no doubt flawed, that is part of what makes her special.


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