Music is Proof of Heaven

What if you could change the world?




What if… you learned enough about the physical universe…

and you had an understanding of its function, seated deep within your soul?

What if…  you decided that it’s time to do something that others tell you can’t be done?

What if you started manifesting thoughts and ideas that others claim implausible, or outright impossible?

I came across something a few weeks ago…

Something called “Sympathetic Vibration Physics” or SVP for short.

I’ll save the detailed lecture for an audience that may be ready to receive it, but the principals and foundations of these studies are PROFOUND.


as dry as the subject matter may be to some, these principals and ideas move me in ways that I’ve never been moved before…

As far as spirituality and religion go, I believe everyone should find their own path, and follow it without doubt or persuasion.  

For me… personally…  ever since I learned the effects of frequency on physical objects back in my Associate Degree program and the manipulation, adaptation… the fundamental ROOTS of what MAKE a frequency exist…  I have believed that all life has it’s root with frequency, it always has, and always will.

Think about it…  if you are any kind of science buff, you know that there are different ranges of frequency that the human body detects through sight, sound, and touch.

The antenna off your car is set to a specific length based on the range of frequencies your stereo is able to tune into.  there are invisible frequency waves flying around everywhere at all times, they actually have a length, height and width.  The antennas we use to receive and transmit signals are tuned to be a length based on a derivative value of that specific carrier frequency, a “harmonic”, or perhaps an “interval” or “octave” is a better descriptor for the music buffs.  

Click here if you want to get deeper into this tangent subject

Speaking of music…  There are the basic notes used in music theory:

A, B, C, D, E, F, and G

Sure there are sharps, flats, suspended 7th, 3rd and so on, but we use the basic A thru G scale even though we may be describing the sounds at different “octaves”, or more accurately, “intervals”.  These notes are the same Letter value, yet they sound completely higher or lower at these “octaves”

Does that fact that there are a variety of different lengths for car stereo antennas make any more sense now?

What is truly fascinating to me about frequency is this fundamental truth:

When you combine TWO frequencies, you get FOUR out.

That’s right.  You get the two ORIGINAL frequencies you put together in the first place, but THEN you get the SUM of the two AND the DIFFERENCE of the two as well!

So for example, if you have a signal of say 20,000 Hertz, and add a signal of 5,000 Hertz to it, you get the following 4 out:

20,000 Hz — Original 1
5,000 Hz — Original 2
25,000 Hz — (Original 1 + Original 2 = Sum)
15,000 — (Original 1 – Original 2 = Difference)

Make sense?

The human ear can only detect frequencies between 20-20,000 Hertz.  

Of course this varies from person to person, but these values are a good rule of thumb to use when considering what is audible to the masses.  The way we are able to hear the stations on the radio are through the combination of these audible frequencies and the super high frequencies our stereo tuners use known as “carriers”.  

For example, if my fav radio station is 97.9 on my stereo dial, this is tuning in the carrier frequency of 98.7 Megahertz, or 98,700,000 Hertz.  Even 1 Megahertz is WAY higher than my range of hearing goes (it’s in the “ultrasonic” frequency category), but IF my ears COULD hear it, i would hear a steady tone along with all the music, talk and commercials at all times while listening to the radio.  The tone would change only if I changed the station to say… if my second fav station, 97.1 Megahertz.  While the 97.1 Megahertz tone would be slightly lower, it would probably equally as annoying.  I don’t want a constant high pitched sound overlaying everything I listen to on the radio!!!  You probably don’t either. So it’s a good thing we can’t hear it.

The radio stations broadcast at the “Carrier” frequency, and combine there signal (i.e. 97.9 Megahertz) with the music from the instruments that emit sounds in our audible hearing range, 20 – 20,000 Hertz, thus we hear the music, which is only sounds that we as humans can hear.

I don’t know about you… but I find this whole principal FASCINATING.  

Consider this…

Fiber Optics use light-waves as there carrier frequencies.

My uncle was a world famous “artist” whom also gave motivational speeches and instructional seminars.  He was a brilliant artist, and a fine man.  One of his many “-ism”‘s as we have come to know them was the quote from Sir Issac Newton:

“Color is light divided by a prism known as the visible spectrum of light.”

Perhaps you have seen the Pink Floyd shirt with the light ray beaming into the prism and emitting a rainbow?

No?  Where have you been, hiding under a rock?

Moving on…

Again, our human eyes are only capable of seeing a limited spectrum of frequency. The “VISIBLE SPECTRUM OF LIGHT is (very) roughly 400–790 terahertz.  In case you didn’t know, 1 Terahertz is equal to 1,000,000,000,000 Hertz.

A Wikipedia except from the Visible Spectrum of Light page states:
“The spectrum does not, however, contain all the colors that the human eyes and brain can distinguish. Unsaturated colors such as pink, and purple colors such as magenta are absent, for example, because they can only be made by a mix of multiple wavelengths.”

Well how about that…  when we mix frequencies together, we are able to see outside the visible spectrum!

I’m hoping that I am instilling a slight amount of wonder and fascination by now.  I feel a passion burning in ME that I used to get when I looked at my first Playboy magazine as a kid over this subject material.

Yea, I said it.  On Myspace I said it.

So what if… you consider the human ears, as antennas to sound?  Think of the construction of the human ear, and what it’s connections are with the brain and nervous system.  Think of what effects music can have on peoples moods and minds (Remember Woodstook ’99…).

Think about what effects visual stimulation has on the mind, mood, and body.  Consider that we as humans enjoy the stimulation results from Art galleries, Light Shows, Sunlight in general, and less we forget.. the visual feast of an ideal human form…

These aforementioned things are ONLY the BEGINNING of what we as humans are capable of!  Yet we live in a world full of LIMITS, where ideas don’t always come to fruition, where governing powers often thwart advancement due to the controls of selfish, greedy, evil, fearful beings.

What if you started looking at the world through a 5 sided prism instead of the 3 sides you have always known since birth?  What if you listened for new blends of frequencies you’ve never exposed yourself too?  What if you could find the resonate frequency of a water molecule and break it apart through electrolysis to use the Hydrogen atoms as fuel for your automobile?

What if you could change the world?

You can.

Think about that the next time you listen to your favorite song and sing along, or play your favorite instrument…

because in MY eyes,

Music is proof of Heaven.


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