Trapped In Transition

There have been a lot of great accomplishments I’ve achieved in first half of 2007, but the last few months of living here at my Uncle Jim’s house… both with and without him…

It’s been a major transition…

One that has no end in sight.

While I used to come over here on Sundays and watch our Swashbuckler’s play, while Jim and I would cook Steak and Potatoes and talk about life like the men we are…

I miss those days already, in fact, I have been missing them a lot… much more than I ever imagined.

I feel a bit hypocritical in saying that I’ve been having troubles finding my light these past few HARD months…  but…

I’ve not lost HOPE.

You CAN’T lose hope…  without hope… what IS there?

So before I re-post my old “About Me” section into a blog again, before I write my new one, as I have always done since I’ve been on MySpace… I’ll say this.

I’m learning that hard lesson, all over again.

Tough times never last…

Tough people do.


About me:

Growth occurs when we leave what is comfortable, and face adversity. It comes in many forms, sometimes we grow from mistakes we make, be it in social life, business, school, or relationships, once we are willing to risk stepping out of what is familiar, the effects are profound. We suddenly finds ourselves in circumstances that we are faced to deal wish, of which often challenges us to step up and be bigger than we may realize we are. This is what I consider to be the living definition of nobility.

“True nobility isn’t about being better than anybody else. It’s just about being better than you used to be. It’s about challenging something you used to give in to and not telling yourself that, until I get rid of all my fears will I be a self-actualized person. You’ll never get rid of the fears, but you can come to a place where you’re willing to face them.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

I’m going through a lot of growth right now… I’m facing completely brand new challenges as they are forcing me to exorcise weakness that I never realized I have. It’s not always exciting, and it’s certainly not endless fun… but that’s what it takes to make room for something new. In letting go of a lot of that which I once let linger in my life, I’ve made room for some new and beautiful people and experiences that I will forever cherish, genuinely appreciate, and yet constantly look forward to the next. I used to resist much of the change that I have now come to accept, turning the negativity, and the fear and doubt into something meaningful and worthwhile.

For all these challenges, both new and old, all I can think to say about them is:

Thank You.

Thanks for giving me the life experiences to build an even great character and give to my life the purpose and direction that we all need for the never-ending fulfillment that living has to offer.

I am in a constant state of yearning for more of what the experience of living can manifest from my thoughts and actions, and I appreciate like minded people with a sense that they always want to improve themselves. I’ve learned that by surrounding yourself with people that can feed your personal development, and by offering your help to those that are in need of a positive aura, and to be willing to give more than you expect to receive, we can all have a better place to share our lives.



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