My Change of Scenery

Today, I woke up later than usual… I woke up in a little better mood than I have for the past few days. as of 3:45am, after 3 car loads of moving shit, while working around the 8 hours at job 2, I am officially out of my uncles place and into my new place.

Moving is one of my least favorite things to do in life


I hope that being here instead will change my morning habits and take some of the infinite stress off me… Trigger has been nothing short of wonderful about the whole thing… as she always is, god I love that cat! Slinky… well… Slinky needs her usual transitional period… I just hope she comes around before I head up north for the whole Christmas/New Years induced drunken stoned stupor that I’m SO looking forward too. Strange how I’m sitting here writing this all the while thinking… man, this thing is flat, no real content to be enthralled by… it probably was to do with me being sore and tired form moving all this shit and still putting in all but 5 hours of the usual work week, blah.

I am trying to make it a point to be more positive. I’ve been enlightened by some new personalities in my life that I seem angry and pessimistic… I don’t want to be like that, but I guess thats what living like i do will do to you after awhile… it kind of sneaks up on you… on a lighter note… until last night id been sticking to Sparks for my only post-super delivery boy enjoyment… last night I worked in the pimp ride and fried up some ‘droh for the first time in awhile. I was in a much better place haha, but that could be why I’m fuckin brain dead right now too…


All you have in the world… is right now. I know I got all these goals and hopes and junk, but I’ve GOT to start living in the moment more… thinking and worrying about all this other bullshit has started to change my whole aura… ok I’m done


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