Does it LOOK Like I Have an “S” on My Chest?!

Does it look like I have an S on my chest? This guy might, but I do not.

I’m looking at my pay stubs from the last 2 weeks from both of my jobs…


78.63 hours including the 3.3 hours of overtime on one, and 50 hours on the other paycheck…  now I’m thinking… how the can I keep this up? I know that working 70 hours a week doesn’t seem like it’s all that hard to do, hell, I should be glad that I have the opportunity to work like that right?  I got my new car, and I don’t have that many bills, I should be living phat!  Well…. I’m slowly dying inside… it’s not that it’s not humanly possible for me to keep this up, I mean… I know myself well enough to be able force myself out of bed every morning and force myself to get through another day of working at a stress filled day job and then drive like an @$$hole until the wee hours of the morning only to do it all over again the next day.  But what about me?  Where is my “me” time?  I get one day off a week from both jobs, usually that ends up being Sunday… Today.  I am recalling what happened about this same time on Sunday last week…

i-am-a-recover-people-pleaser-is-that-ok-does-it-look-like-i-have-an-s-on-my-chest-300w-300hI woke about 1:30, I slept in as best I could since I had been in serious need of sleep, I woke up to my Uncle/Roommate screaming “HEY!” and calling my name from the other room for hours before that. YOU phk!n @$$HOLE, I PAY $450 A MONTH TO LIVE HERE AND I GET ONE DAY OFF WHERE I DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING AFTER BUSTING MY FCK!N’ @SS EVERY DAMN DAY AND YOU’RE BORED?! AND YOU FEEL THE NEED TO TOY WITH ME? WHAT IS THAT?!  But you know what?  I’m to tired to really argue.  and… I have to live with the guy, so… after being awake for an hour or so listening to him be a total weirdo, after him screaming again. I said, “what was that all about?  Did somebody score or something?” and I went out and sat down to watch the football game with him since he obviously wasn’t going to leave me alone…

Well guess what happened in the first 15 minutes that I had spent outside my room in over a week while at the house?  He says, “I’m going at it alone in keeping this house clean.”


you would have to understand the relationship that we have, here is the way it works, he talks, you listen. You talk, he doesn’t listen.  The last time we started in on me with the whole “Clean my house” bullsh!t, I literally laughed out loud.  “I clean this house everyday.” “I’m busy too.” and “Me and your cats hang out all day.”  I know that some people working in fast food with High IQ’s don’t tend to put sh!t like that together and think, “Wow this place is trashed, but he must clean it and it messes itself up every day.  I sure better clean up after him since he’s busy reading the newspaper for 3 hours every morning and hanging out with my cats and his ex girlfriends 6 year old 3 days a week.”  Well… I’ll tell you what man.  I’m a little smarter than that.  The S.O.B. thinks he’s got it figured out.  Let ole Justin pay over half my mortgage and clean up after my sloppy, messy, lazy, hypocritical @$$ after he worked 70-75 hours this week.  Homey don’t play dat.

I told him, “I’m outside my room, in the house for 15 minutes a day, TOPS”  Thats when he starts trying to tell me that he cleans all the time, and he is always busy too. Man…. If I EVER cooked breakfast, or dinner or hell, even watch’ TV, then you know….  I would think, ok…. I’ll clean up his newspaper that he leaves out every morning, his coffee grounds that he spills EVERY WHERE every morning, his coffee ALLLLLLL over the counter, the floor, the cabinets, the living room tile, the coffee table, ugh, man…. I’ll KEEP taking out the trash since I’m the only one that ever does, even though i may have throw away an a single envelope out of the whole bag of trash, I’ll rinse and put the dishes in the dish washer and put them away after I run it AS USUAL, and I’ll sweep and mop the floors and clean the counter-tops AGAIN, ok…. I think we all get the point now… but basically, I already DO clean up after this dude, and he just wants more out of me.  How the hell can you clean every day when you don’t even have paper towels?!!!  I had to miss 2 hours of work from my day job so that I could go shopping for trash bags, paper towels, kitchen cleaner, toilet paper, milk cereal (which the bastard ate almost all of one of my boxes), and some other miscellaneous sh!t that I needed.  Then guess what happened after spending at least $50 bucks on all that sh!t for the house?  My toothbrush is mysteriously missing.  My toothbrush… is missing… how the hell are you gunna mess with my toothbrush?! &:(@.^)&!$&((.$^

The best part is, he told me that I need to start looking for a place, “I think you being here has run its course.”  hahaha yea I’ll say, good thing I already have 2 other people that are looking to move in with me somewhere too, prick.  in 48 hours I had two people wanting me to move in with them for $100 less a month in total bills than what I’m paying to live here.  I’m taking them up on it, maybe then I can be comfortable in my own house, and not have to worry about cleaning up after people in my few minutes of spare time.


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