Wal-mart is the Most Anti-Capitalist Corporation in the History of the World (So far)


Plenty of right-wing nut jobs have put out the “beacon of truth”, trumpeted from atop the carcases of dead animals they have no idea how to cook & eat, while holding a Domestic Lite Beer made from a Factory that is owned almost completely by foreign interests: “Capitalism is the great system ever invented!”

Meanwhile, the talk radio shows they listen to every time they jump in their Turbo Diesel 4×4 pickup to take their kids to school in the morning & park in a lot while they sit at a job they risk their lives & limbs to perform at every day (IF they are LUCKY) tells them “Your boss shouldn’t share his raise with you or your employees. That’s his money. If you expect your boss to give you part of his raise for the good work his subordinates are doing, that’s Communism & Socialism!”.

Really?… The donors & advertisers to these right-wing talk show hosts are THAT influential in the god-awful rhetorical they spew & infect the feeble minds of “Republicans”? These poor schmucks that eat this sort of thing up with a spoon are hopelessly ignorant fools if they can’t see through propaganda thicker than grandma’s gravy.

There is a profound oddity to it all, too. The otherwise good people with minimal critical thinking ability are the ones that are hurt the most by such political & socioeconomic policies & idealism. It never once occurred to them to change the channel when the sellout talk show host basically told them they don’t deserve more money for doing good work, their BOSS does instead? Or that they are LITERALLY being programmed into believing that they don’t deserve an increase in pay, but are CONVINCED that “If you work hard, you’ll find your way to make more money when you truly deserve it.” Isn’t that what we were always told when we were growing up? “Work hard. Work hard. Work hard. Work hard. Work hard.” Well how about an ACTUAL reward for a job well done? Instead of just a lot of empty promises & “hope” that the world is “just”.

Enter: Wal-mart

Wal-mart pays its employees SO LITTLE, that they even “sell” employees on using government aid & subsidies to supplement what little income the retail giant scantily pays its workforce. Wal-mart is the largest employer in America. They are able to employee so many people & STILL not contribute to society in any meaningful way, aside from 24 hour access to some of the cheapest goods ever sold North of Mexico (AND at a profit).

Walmart crushes small business by negotiating lower prices for its inventory by buying in massive quantities that seduce the suppliers into believing Wal-mart as a customer is providing the highest amount of profits in comparison to any other customer or partner. This scenario isn’t always true for suppliers producing products in markets that have a more proprietary niche such as automotive supplies, camping & exercise equipment or electronics.

For context: Selling 1000 units of product for 5% profit to Wal-mart instead of 100 units at 10% profit to 10 other retail store customers like Best Buy, Home Depot, Auto Zone or Camping World may allow for Walmart to sell the larger discount for larger bulk purchases at a lower price than the other more highly profitable niche retail stores and ultimately crush the smaller competition, leaving Wal-mart with FAR greater negotiation leverage and therefor capable of dictating terms for supply, credit lines, shipping costs and more. 

There’s also the direct threat to suppliers of Wal-mart that the Big Box Goliath could pull or greatly reduce its orders entirely and shift the shelf space left empty by one product to be filled by its competitor suppliers and manufacturers as well as being replaced by one of the Wal-mart brand products made under labels such as Great Value.

All the above are serious threats to the American economic paradigm that grew the Unite States into the economic powerhouse that it once was in the times of a strong middle class and low but steady inflation with reasonable interest rates high enough to provide longevity and protection of investments and assets while being low enough to still put major purchases for consumers like automobiles and home ownership within reach.

The market dominance of Wal-mart is a compound issue that has yet to truly face any kind of actual reckoning from the economic devistation that the Walton Family owned mega-store has rought throughout the world with its monopolistic practices. Also due for a reckoning are the elected and unelected officials that govern the nation or Wal-marts origin that has been shielding the publicly traded company from government regulation and allowing the commonwealth-breaking practices of subsidizing its employees for well over a decade. Providing expensive healthcare, food stamps and other social welfare resources to citizens of a developed nation is considered humane and reasonable. Though is it reasonable that an employer pays its workers so little that the employees can still qualify for these government programs? Should an employer not pay its labor force enough money to make a living at a single job if the worker averages 35-40 hours a week of labor?

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