Hope And Worthiness


All those talks,
for over a year
In person or not,
you showed me the best parts of myself
You used to tell me how awesome I was
I was luckiest guy in the world
Especially when we finally met
Face to face
You and I
Playing with destiny…
and an immense ocean of endless mutual desire.
I never knew I could be the person you thought I am
I try to find my way through life
as if my mirrors were your eyes

Thank you, Goddess
for forever changing my life
You are a light in my darkest of thoughts
You hear me.
You see me.
You know me…
Like no one has ever cared to
In phrenic ways no one else has even conceived

You used to appreciate me
You used to be my rock when I stumbled

Please find patience in my moments of focus
I am building a better me…
And it’s all for a better Us.

Please, be part our synergy.
Be my Ace up my sleeve.
I never claimed to be perfect…
I like who I am becoming…
now that You and I are a “We”.

You are my Baby Girl
My Goddess
My Queen.
You have all of my heart
It is all I have to give you for now
I know its not much to you…
Though I hope its enough for your affection
With each sliver of your own heart that I thieve
I smile, slyly, feeling for a moment that I am worthy
only to find that I Love you more, with each taste.

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