The Difficult Job of Being a Policeman in America

The Liberal Media Narrative About Cops Shooting The Blacks

As American conservatives, we often see stories in the news about how brutal or violent police officers are in America. We hear details about news stories like “Unarmed Black Man Shot to Death By Police in [insert the name of a major city here]” but later discover new information about the case. Perhaps we are even lied to by our own media sources. Or CNN hired crisis actors to try and make people think something is real even when its not. We are being lied to by Fox News and CNN. We MUST choose to band together with our tribe. We CANNOT allow outside thought and influence to reveal the truth that, as conservatives, we don’t have the higher moral ground. We have far too much pride at stake. We must show people how strong we want them to believe we are by NEVER EVER admitting we are wrong, even if we know we are. We have to maintain our glory. It’s not bragging when you back up how “bad” you really are. We have to make sure everyone knows who the alpha dogs are. We have to revert to acting like the animals that we are and throw out ALL humanity when our Ego is threatened.

So when a black man that we have never met is shot to death on TV, we MUST believe EVERY WORD that Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro and Tomi Lahren tell us. We are part of a tribe that always sides with the police and authority figures of the Greatest Nation of MEN that has ever and WILL ever exist. We don’t listen to the liberal news media telling us that our police are being brutal maniacs. We know some of these men who wear the badge from being the bullies or getting bullied as children. Sometimes it was us ourselves that bullied or were bullied by the police officers of today. Some of the policemen were in the Armed Forced and served our great country in wars against “the towel heads”. They DESERVE to be able to beat up ANYONE they WANT to at ANY TIME. Sometimes they are allowed to beat up skinny white boys too. Just because. They EARNED the right to do ANYTHING they want to.

Even if the police come to beat ME up, I will let them try. Even if they shoot me for carrying my legally owned and legally modified Glock 37, its all a part of the cost of freedom. Now, I might have to shoot the police officer that opens fire on me first, but MEN fight with DEADLY WEAPONS. That’s why I own a gun. Because I AM A MAN. If I die in a gunfight with a police officer, then he was the bigger alpha that day. If all the backup police officers that show up and open fire on me and shoot me dead, then I die the BAD ASS THAT I AM because it takes multiple men with police training to kill me! THAT is what being an American MAN is ABOUT. That’s how you instill RESPECT in others, even in death. What sort of man wouldn’t want a glorious death like that?

Cops are just fulfilling the role in the grand design of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. These wonderful men are giving us a way out of life in a glorious way. They give us the chance to die gloriously. So why are so many liberals afraid of being killed by police? Don’t they understand that there is no tomorrow, and only today matters?

Well, there are a lot of VERY RICH Conservatives that feel differently. The rich conservatives like Robert Mercer, Steve Bannon, Sheldon Adelson and Koch family members like Charles and David Koch have a lot to lose. They are similar to George Soros in that way. When people get rich, they tend to get soft and start to fear death from police shootings. That’s why they spend their money on such great causes like getting The Bush Family, Mike Pompeo, Roy Blunt, Paul Ryan, Jerry Moran, James Lankford, Marco Rubio, Tim Scott, Ron Johnson, Rob Portman, Rand Paul, Joe Heck and Kelly Ayotte elected. Mitch McConnell knows.

American Billionaires Make Everyone Their Bitch

These rich conservative men are paying politicians to not only DO what they want them to do in order to get even more rich, but they are also paying politicians to NOT do things as well. What no liberal ever talks about is how Koch Industries gave $1357 to Bernie Sanders in 2016. Koch Industries also gave even more money to House Democrats Collin Peterson, Jim Costa, Henry Cuellar, Kurt Schrader and Sanford Bishop in 2016. The Koch Brothers have raised at least 10 times more money for political candidates through their lobbying organization known as Americans for Prosperity.

As Long As All the Money in Politics Is Supporting the Conservative Agenda, Who Cares About Political Corruption?

Through these programs and financial conduits, MEGA rich Conservative men have aided the police in militarizing police departments. Aren’t they allowed to do that? Aren’t they allowed to arm the police to the teeth to protect their interests and assets. We saw this work when those liberal Native American Indians tried to “protect their water supply” from being “poisoned” by the chemicals from leaking oil pipeline. They had their liberal “peace loving” heads cracked open by men that were trained by the greatest military in the history of mankind. THE UNITED STATES MILITARY. We, as Conservatives must band together against these efforts to prevent massive multinational corporations who extract the wealth of natural resources from the Earth from making profits to make our rich men like Donald Trump even richer. Donald Trump is a god-like figure to our conservative movement in American culture. He tells us what we want to hear and he does what benefits the rich who promote our conservative agenda. HE IS A HERO. Never forget that. Even if we never get Mexico to pay for the border wall or we never get healthcare coverage for our families and ourselves, just because he tells us he will and speaks to us like an AMERICAN, he is the greatest man to ever live. HE a GENIUS. He understands that the average American vote just wants to hear our leader tell us what we want to hear. He understands that he doesn’t have to ever actually DO any of it, just so long as he doesn’t do anything pro-liberal.

Black and Brown People Need to be Better. They Need To Stop Being Poor.

How does this relate to the police in America? Poor people and black and brown people deserve to be beaten up and thrown in jail, just for being poor. Never think that these are decent people like you are. Their plight and shattered lives do not affect you or your family WHATSOEVER. It’s not your job to care about other people. You vote on your emotion and not on some “fancy research” or “scientific theories” that other slant-eyed countries come up with. The police are deliberately put into low-income neighborhoods JUST to make sure the poor people stay in line. It’s up to the individuals in the black and brown communities to be better than middle class white neighborhoods so they can get out of their impoverished situation. Black and Brown people MUST be better at SOMETHING like to “make it out”. Like sports, stupid rap music, or some kind of entertainer. We need to keep them jealous and angry of white people in order to maintain a feeling of superiority over them, even if they were born into a back situation with drug addict parents. That is the fault of the non-white community for not having better morals and values. There have been a few brave politicians who operate on this agenda throughout history. Some of them are even Democrats with Conservative values.

White Privilege Is Not A Bad Thing, Because Conservatives Are White

White people are allowed to be drug addicts and make mistakes because we are capable of redemption. Once a black or brown person commits a crime or anyone in their community commits a crime, they ALL have to pay the price. Period. It’s no wonder cops are racist when nearly everyone in the neighborhoods that they patrol are criminals. It’s not white peoples fault that black people commit crimes and brown people are willing to work for next to nothing, even if they can’t afford to feed their families on the wages they make. How is any of this white peoples fault? How is any of this the police officers fault? IF and when black or brown people ever get to higher positions in THE GREATEST ECONOMY EVER IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND, THE UNITED STATES ECONOMY, then those black or brown people can treat white people the same way. Only then can black and brown people form groups like “Black Lives Matter” that HATE white people and do to white people what we do to the blacks. Even if whites don’t do anything to the blacks. Except the KKK. And maybe the Baltimore Police.

In Conclusion, Violent and Unhinged Cops are Necessary for Killing Innocent People

Many people just don’t understand sarcasm, word play or the intentions of bring to light the absurd reality of a political position. Many people are simply uneducated with the facts of our current political climate. Many people just ignore facts because it doesn’t fit their tribes narrative of how the world actually is, versus how they want it to be. As long as people believe something is truth, then to them, in their limited scope of perception and understanding… it IS their truth. And that is an extremely dangerous thing.

Powerful Forces Work for Conservatives. Don’t Let The Mainstream Media Fool You.


There are powerful people at Google (a subsidiary of The Alphabet Group) who are fighting the good fight against Progressive media by cutting them off at the knees and taking away their microphone and their income from Google Adsense and YouTube commercials. Only Conservatives deserve free speech. No other group. The Rich corporations and billionaires are on the side of conservatives because we are willing to die to promote their agenda and make sure the rich stay in power and rule our lives in righteous justice. We work hard so that we can be ruled by our kings that we make rich with our labor. Anyone who tries to equalize our economy and take away our poverty is the enemy to our conservative tribe.

When The American Press Doesn’t Fall In Line With Our Conservative Agenda, They Get Punished

The mainstream media is completely corrupt. We know this because of our superior conservative intelligence. We know we are on the right side because we are winning. The richest people in the world have our backs, no matter how poor and unhealthy we might be. It only matters that we are on the winning side. When people in the independent press try to pursue Constitutional Justice in America, they get beat up, arrest and injured. This is the conservative message being further promoted in yet another victory.


All Bases Are Covered By the Rich & Superior Conservative Agenda

This is encouraging for all true conservatives. The Progressive media attempts to fight for the Constitutional Rights of all American citizens and they are brutalized as a penalty. There are politicians that try to fight for healthcare for all citizens in the United States. From the money given by conservative donors and other wealthy allies in the fight against a healthy American population, these politicians lose their elections and disappear. The Conservatives are winning. The Conservative Rich are getting Richer. This means we are doing the job they are paying conservative media to tell us what to do, and we are doing it will. Give a high five to your fellow conservative friends and let them know about all our victories the next time you see them!


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