Progressives, Beware Of Democrats Hijacking Medicare For All

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Bernie Sanders has introduced a new Medicare For All bill that recently gained the support of at least 16 Democrats. This bill may or may not pass. It may or may not be the end-all to America’s Healthcare whoa’s. Though it IS now officially introduced and warrants a vote by Americas elected officials. This condition is known as a “fact” in American politics.

Progressives Are Not Democrats

The fact that Mike Figueredo of The Humanist Report is even skeptical about the intentions of co-sponsors like Corey Booker and Elizabeth Warren (aka Pocahontas) is extremely telling. While Mr. Figueredo is a self-proclaimed Progressive, he wants nothing more than corrupt Democrats like Hillary Clinton to “just go away”. What has happened in the past with well-intentioned programs like foreign aid and general welfare of The State should be a warning to movements such as Medicare For All.

Initially, we have observed that aid to foreign countries that The United States has essentially colonized or “extracted wealth” from in the form of spoils of war (secret wars or otherwise) is that these programs often become corrupted over a relatively short amount of time. The question still remains as to the end-game for such corruption, but the “who” that is behind such nefarious activities is often a mystery that is in the greatest of need to solve. The mainstream media has failed the American people in this regard, though for those people who

While there are many splintered factions of “the left”, there are equally as many splintered factions of “the right” in the 2 finite and inadequate two-dimensional representation of American politics. There has been a great deal of ignorance on “both sides” of the spectrum. Many “leftists” can be seen making fools of themselves during rallies and protests from videos on YouTube and right-wing news sources. There have also been many right-wing personalities show an EXTRAORDINARY amount of condescension towards the left as a whole, not just the inept and soulless Democratic Party.

Making Room for Democrats on a Healthcare Soapbox

This “High Horse” approach to sharing opinions creates profound divisiveness in the country that pulled itself up by the boot straps to become the worlds military and economic super-power in the early 20th Century. This tribal anger fostering news sources like Fox News, MSNBC and CNN (aka Clinton News Network) creates a space and distraction for these “people behind the curtain” to succeed in endeavors to corrupt and pollute progressive programs that do, in fact, help people and maintain The United States of America’s status as The Greatest Nation in the History of Mankind through our generosity and ethics.

What is special about Medicare For All, is that its an extraordinarily viable option for the US to solve its healthcare crisis. While it’s true the concept is essentially “socialized medicine”, the program already saved the lives and enhances the livelihood of America’s growing elderly population. This issue is rarely, if ever mentioned in GOP platforms and general right-leaning politics. This is an immoral failure of our Republican constituents that because crystal clear in the continuing failed attempts at “Repeal and Replace” of Obamacare.

While its understandable that there will be inherent opposition to ANY of “Socialism” in government policy from the Republicans representing profound numbers of Conservatives in the United States, Medicare For All has been the stop-gap for our parents, grandparents and a multitude of other family and friends. As a Conservative, a Registered Voter of the United States and a God-fearing human being, the morality for the existence of programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, The US Military are acceptable forms of socialist programs that do not derive its funding from a Socialist or Communist Economy.

Given the aforementioned conditions and reality of our present situation in America, there will likely be a great deal of support for Medicare For All among fellow Republicans. This is a morally acceptable position to take, even though it wasn’t a bill the writing of Republicans, but the will of Conservatives.

The need for a more diverse political influence than a One Party government becomes apparent when we look at the failed State of the USSR, and the floundering newly formed Russia from its ashes. Such is true for the Republicans representing Conservatives that expect their tax dollars and employment contributions be put towards the preservation of family and a maximized livelihood through a healthy populous. If the present trend of the imploding Democratic Party continues, this spells trouble for the entire country. Especially considering there are already parties at work that are hidden from public scrutiny who will be left to do anything they like, without any opposition at all, regardless of how futile it may be today.

With that being said, its important to prevent programs that benefit Citizens of the US from becoming corrupted. Much like the fight to keep Wall Street out of Social Security, moral Conservatives should prevent Medicare from being exploited in the same ways. If we as a nation cannot come to an agreement to take care of our most vulnerable contributors of American Society, we will need to start considering Euthanasia of the disable, elderly and unemployed and all the fallout from other countries in the UN that would justify going to war with the United States due to humanitarian violations (regardless of the real foreign agenda).

The Lives and Livelihoods of Americans Are On The Line

Millions of US Citizens will die, either way. This is what makes the issue of healthcare such a critical staple in the future of politics. For moreso than racism, environmental impacts of capitalism or the contents of anyone’s emails. Healthcare in America is a huge turning point for the survival and landscape of The Nation. So while progressives that aren’t so far-left that they were black hoods and break bank windows may have a meaningful contribution to American society (for a change), its still imperative that once Medicare For All is signed into law it stays as pristine as we have held the Social Security program to its original design. Our future as a sovereign nation and super power depends on it.

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